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Explosive Conditions of Iranian Society and the Perpetrators of the Current Situation

Iran: Explosive Conditions of the Society and the Perpetrators of the Current Situation
Iran: Explosive Conditions of the Society and the Perpetrators of the Current Situation

The explosive conditions of Iranian society and its reflection within the regime have fueled fears of a social explosion in the future and the intensification of the regime’s internal crisis.

President Ebrahim Raisi, the mass murderer of the 1988 massacre, and elements of his administration are trying to attribute the current situation to the previous administration, and to blame the agents and managers of Hassan Rouhani‘s administration for the explosive society, rising prices, rampant inflation, and widespread poverty. As previously stated on April 11, 2022, in this regard: “Those who are the founders of the status quo should not be used.”

On April 17, Bahadori Jahromi, spokesperson for Raisi administration, said: “The president has repeatedly emphasized that the founders of the status quo cannot solve the status quo problems.”

Interestingly, in the first days of his term in office, Raisi promised to improve the economic situation. In the last weeks of the Persian calendar year that ended on March 20, he pledged to eradicate absolute poverty within 15 days, and he was ridiculed by the media and experts of the same regime.

When he made these promises, did he know about the remnants of Rouhani’s administration, which he believes are the cause of the current situation? How is it that now, after nine months of his administration, inflation is skyrocketing? More sections of society are being thrown into danger of absolute poverty. The number of angry protesters on the street is increasing every day; and only now Raisi remembers that the former administration is the cause of the current situation and must be eliminated.

It is obvious that the perpetrator of the 1988 massacre Raisi and the criminal Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei do not answer for the current situation and these questions, and their only answer to the protesting people is repression and arrest.

The explosive anger of society has caused state media to feel the danger. The state-run newspaper Jomhuri Eslami wrote in this regard: “Inflation and unbridled inflation have now entered the dangerous stage of the” tsunami “and as the devastating flood continues, it is not clear what the response of government officials is to 230,000 tomans per kilogram of meat and 100,000 tomans per kilogram of rice and soaring prices for medicine and treatment?” (Jomhuri Eslami April 21, 2022).

The state-run Jahan-e-Sanat newspaper also wrote about the skyrocketing prices of essential commodities needed by the people: “This is the situation they are protesting. Even severe supporters of the government and the President are among the protesters. How the President and the ministers deal with these conditions is a significant issue in this situation. Their initial reaction was to deny the problem, saying that this was not the case and would be resolved quickly if it was expensive. They thought this issue could be solved by giving words, orders, and statements” (Jahan Sanat, April 20, 2022).

Thus, now that, after nine months, the promises of Raisi and his administration have only led to ridicule and anger from most of the people, now this criminal mullah has made another false claim of “hands behind the scenes” for the rising prices.

In response, a member of the regime’s parliament named Mohammad Safaei tweeted: “Dear President; rising prices does not have a background; look for it in the management of your colleagues in the administration” (Parliament News Agency, April 20, 2022).

The fact is that the economic and social problems are far more complex than those of speech therapy, which must be treated by the mass murderer and the members of his administration.

The result is that the Iranian people understand that the culprit of this situation is the entirety of the thieving and criminal regime, especially supreme leader Khamenei.

It is not without reason that the people’s scope of anger and protest is increasing day by day. The people have stated their decisive word and answer against the ridiculous and deceptive justifications of the mullahs. That is the overthrow of the corrupt religious dictatorship and the establishment of a government based on the will and vote of the people.