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Iran: MEK Resistance Units Achievements

Iran: MEK Resistance Units Achievements

It is not enough to simply say what we do not want, and what must not exist, like after the fall of Shah’s dictatorship. Rather than, one must specify what it is that they want exactly and what must exist instead. This has formulated by the establishment of NCRI and Mrs. Maryam Rajavi’s Ten-Point Plan.

For four decades, the tyrannical regime in Iran did anything from demonization campaigns, massacres to terrorism to destroy this alternative. It has been seeking to deny the alternative and convince the world that it must accept the regime and a medieval Middle East as the mullahs want it.

Now the regime faces unmatched crises, internal and external. Despite large suppression of the people and their Resistance, protest movements continue all around Iran. “Down with Khamenei” and “Down with Raisi” has become the main request of the people, on every occasion.

Now it is proved that the appeasement policy is futile and those who are advocating it, should think different. It’s time that the international community recognizes the right of the Iranian people to resist and overthrow this religious fascism.

The Iranian people want nothing more than the abandonment of this failed policy, which has legitimated tortures and executions for the regime. This is the message of more than 40 years of resistance.

Now the indirect talks between the US and the regime in Qatar has ended without reaching a breakthrough as expected. This has proved that the JCPOA and continuing to appease the regime are both failed policies. But it should be noted that we have not reached this point by chance.

There were many sufferings and sacrifices. More than 120,000 Iranians have sacrificed their lives for a better Iran. Including 30,000 MEK political prisoners who were massacred in 1988. And 1500 people who were killed in the November 2019 protests.

Their blood is roaring today in Iran, encouraging generation after generation of rebellious youths. Now the Resistance Units of the MEK and the rebellious youths are the mullahs’ constant nightmare.

They face a fearless generation, against whom they are vulnerable much more than their fictional foreign enemies.

This has been reflected in the latest speech of Khamenei as he said: “God in the year 2022 is the God same God He was in 1981.” Knowing that the regime’s God is the God of torture, repression, and execution, this should be considered as a green light to its supporters to continue to suppress the people’s Resistance. This is how the regime revealed its main enemy and fear.

Now the Resistance Units are carrying out numerous campaigns across the country and their numbers are increasing rapidly, and they will break the spell of tyranny.