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Iran: Ali Khamenei Expresses Fear of Social Media, Calls for Full Crackdown

Iranian regime supreme leader Ali Khamenei – June 28, 2022
Iranian regime supreme leader Ali Khamenei – June 28, 2022

Tehran, June 28, 2022: In a meeting with the head and senior officials of the judiciary branch, Iranian regime supreme leader Ali Khamenei revealed his fear of the role that social media and online services are playing in helping protesters organize and spread news of uprisings across the country and the world.

“Psychological security is one of the rights of the people. What do I mean by psychological security? It means that every day, a rumor, a lie, a panic-causing word is spread in the minds of the people. Until yesterday, it was only the newspapers that were doing this”.

“Now, cyberspace has been added to them. Every once in a while, every few days, and sometimes even every few hours, a rumor, a lie, something is published on social media by a known or unknown person. They cause worry among the people. They disturb people’s minds. They spread a lie, and destroy psychological security”.

“The Judiciary Branch must prevent the minds of the people from becoming worried and disturbed due to rumors, false claims and the frightening statements of specific or unknown individuals in both the media and the internet,” Khamenei said.

Khamenei’s remarks are admitting to his regime’s utter defeat in preventing the news of protests and regime corruption from spreading on the internet.

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