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Will the Suffering of Child Laborers in Iran End?

Will the Suffering of Child Laborers in Iran End?

June 12 was the World Day Against Child Labor. On this occasion, we took a look at the plight of Iranian working children in the inhumane regime of the mullahs.

According to UN data, Iran’s 2020 population was estimated to be more than 83 million. Based on state-run media reports, in Iran, there are 23 million children (In 2022, population of Iran is more than 86 million, so it is estimated there are 26 million children).
Iranian regime’s officials have never revealed the actual number of child laborers. According to unofficial reports, there are more than 7 million child laborers in Iran.

Hassan Mousavi Chalak, the regime’s head of the Social Workers Association, said with the poverty line in Iran and the lack of the budget to support the families, we will see more and more children working in the street and society as child labor. He did not mention the root cause of poverty in the country. Still, other state-run media continuously report that the systematic corruption in the regime is the real cause of poverty in Iran.

Children in Iran are victims of the regime’s destructive policies. Many families cannot send their children to school simply because they cannot afford the necessary supplies. Millions of children are forced to work in the streets to contribute to the family income.
Many of Iran’s state institutions use child labor, with contractors hiring children as young as five for jobs like waste management.
The children often work long shifts, sometimes 19 hours with no breaks, which is not something that any adult should do, let alone a child.

Who is really behind child labor in Iran?

The answer is clear, the corrupt and criminal gangs of the mullahs’ regime. This cycle of inhumanity and brutal exploitation of children in Iran ends only with the overthrow of the religious dictatorship by the people and their organized resistance.

As Mrs. Maryam Rajavi tweeted on the occasion of World Day Against Child Labor, “Over 7million child laborers in Iran are exploited instead of attending school.
Their inhuman conditions are the clerical regime’s organized crime.
The only solution is to overthrow this regime.”