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Seeking Justice for 1988 Massacre Daily Sit-Ins – Trial of Hamid Noury

For decades the Iranian regime preserved a red line: No talk, no tears, and no questioning what happened in Iranian prisons in the summer of 1988.

Based on a Fatwa, Khomeini, ordered the elimination of members and supporters of the MEK who stood loyal to their beliefs.30.000 were executed and buried in mass graves; history was told to forget their names. A crime, which has since then been called a ‘crime against humanity’ and ‘genocide’.

Hamid Noury, an assistant prosecutor during the mass executions, was arrested by the Swedish police in November 2019. According to numerous accounts, he had beaten, tortured and directed political prisoners to the gallows in 1988, and even kicked the chairs from under their feet when they were hanged.

After 18 months of investigation, the Swedish judiciary opened Hamid Noury’s trial in August. A verdict, the first of its kind, is expected in April 2022.

The families and victims of the 1988 massacre and the movement seeking an end to impunity and seeking justice for the ongoing crimes against humanity in Iran have been holding an ongoing sit-in throughout the court process, standing together in support of the victims but also show the world that silence and indifference in face of genocide is not an option

Sit-in is held daily from 9am on days the court is held

For more information or interest in attending contact: [email protected]

Can’t attend in person? Follow the events daily on Iran freedom

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