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Save the date for the Free Iran World Summit 2021, July 10-12, 2021, when inspirational leaders will unite with supporters around the world in the fight for freedom and equality.

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As the Iranian people voiced their historic ‘No’ to the dictatorship with the boycott of the sham elections, we now come together to say ‘Yes’ to freedom and democracy. Together we can increase awareness for our cause and build on the momentum of the resistance to tyranny. By spreading the word, we can gather more support around the world, with allies dedicated to progress, peace and social justice.

As we come together in opposition to a theocratic government, our conversations will center around gender equality, freedom of speech and the separation of religion and state. Your support now—and in the future—has the power to impact the lives of the next generation.

The future of Iran awaits. Sign up to mobilize global support for the movement.

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