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Iran’s Energy Shortage and Blackout Are Caused by Regime

The Iranian people have been protesting over blackouts during the hottest months and how the regime is profiting off the Iranian people’s suffering.

The Hamdeli daily wrote Monday, July 5, 2021: “Yesterday noon, in one of the hottest summer days, many parts of the capital experienced blackouts. While citizens in Tehran complained about the blackout, news indicated other parts of the country were experiencing blackouts.”

While on Saturday night, the power shortage was unexpected, which Hamdeli said was evidence of the “recklessness of the Ministry of Energy”. 

Mohammad Hassan Motavilizadeh, the CEO of the regime’s energy supplier, Tavanir, has said that this year would be “an exceptional year in many ways” and that the energy supply is affected by an “emergency”.

But, as it turns out, the energy supply is being disrupted by damaged power plant infrastructure, the export of electricity to neighbouring countries and the attempt to get $500 million from cryptocurrency mining, which relies on electricity.

Hamdeli advised that this indicates that the energy crisis will continue to get worse. They explained that the “illegal extraction” of cryptocurrencies consumes lots of electricity, which puts pressure on the electricity industry. Worse still, the Iranian people won’t see the profit from this.

The paper wrote: “While officials are planning to profit from cryptocurrencies, there is bad news of blackouts in several parts of the country. In the hottest days of the years, the southern parts of the country are facing more challenges.”

It further advised that officials have failed to improve power plants over the past few years and that the regime has been supplying roughly 40% of Iraq’s electricity, while also supplying a certain amount of Afghanistan’s electricity, the percentage of which is set to increase.

Of course, it’s not just that businesses have to close and that citizens might be left without electricity in their homes. It can exacerbate deaths due to increased accidents from low light levels but also stop hospitals from administering life-saving treatment.

Dr Hamid Emadi, the Head of Infectious Diseases Department of Khomeini Hospital, explained that this has directly affected Covid-19 patients with acute pulmonary problems because they cannot use the oxygen machine.

No wonder, the people are protesting with their common chants of “Death to the dictator” and “Death to [supreme leader Ali] Khamenei”. They understand that the issues in Iran are caused by the mullahs and will remain so long as the regime remains in power.