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Steve McCabe’s Remarks to the Free Iran World Summit 2021- July 11, 2021

Steve McCabe, British MP for Birmingham Selly Oak since 2010, addressed at the Free Iran World Summit 2021 on July 11, 2021.

Good afternoon, everyone. It’s a pleasure to join the Free Iran World Summit. President-Elect Maryam Rajavi, can I thank you for the leadership, hope, and vision you continue to provide for the Iranian people during these dark, ugly years of the regime.

Yours is a vision of hope and light against multiple crimes, and dufty traits designed to tarnish the opposition and deny the truth. Everything from diplomats who smile and flatter while threatening simultaneously. And those like Asadollah Asadi who let the mask slip completely and expose their terrorist credentials are the PD agents who pose as victims of alleged PM who committed crimes.

Too often, we’ve listened to these receipts, they’ve led us to deny you the support you deserve. They led to the binding of the PMI, which was eventually corrected in the legitimate courts of the US, EU, and UK, where justice can prevail. They led to claims of respect and support for the opposition to let Iran descend into the carnage that is severe today.

But what is present in Iran? A place for those in charge, executing innocent people at will, where protesters disappear in the night, where basic rights are denied, where money that could be used for food and vaccines is diverted to weapons for terrorist groups, fighting proxy wars, a place obsessed with adding to the nuclear threat the world already faces.

That’s what the clerical regime expects the west to protect. We should have listened to the opposition years ago, instead of practicing appeasement. We might have avoided giving so much in return for so little over nuclear weapons. We might have shown more compassion, and given more assistance to the people of Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty. We have a second chance. We’ve seen the farce of the latest presidential election in Iran.

We’ve witnessed the treachery over the nuclear deal. Now is the time to stand square with a democratic aspiration of the Iranian people.

Now is the time for the British people to put things right, ensure support for you and your 10-point plan for a free and democratic Iran. Iran will be free. Thank you.