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Great Gathering for a Free Iran: Berlin, June 29, 2024

Great Gathering for a Free Iran 2024: A Defining Moment for Iranian Resistance

The Great Gathering for a Free Iran is the most significant political event organized by the Iranian Resistance. This year’s gathering is set against a backdrop that is unprecedented in many ways. Here are some key factors that distinguish this year’s event:

Ebrahim Raisi’s Death and Khamenei’s Dilemma

In the lead-up to the Great Gathering for a Free Iran, the Iranian regime suffered a major strategic blow with the death of its president, Ebrahim Raisi, infamously known as the “Butcher of Tehran.” The impact of this loss reverberates throughout the regime. In an attempt to mitigate this loss, its supreme leader Ali Khamenei reappointed Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf as the chairman of the parliament. However, this move only exacerbated infighting within the regime’s factions, highlighting Khamenei’s difficulties in maintaining unity. The loss of Raisi has disrupted the regime’s balance, signaling the beginning of a new chapter filled with crises and uncertainties.

The Gaza War Exposes the Regime’s War-Mongering

Despite efforts by appeasement policies to conceal the Iranian regime’s involvement in the Gaza war, revelations by the Iranian resistance have exposed the regime’s role as the primary instigator of regional conflict. The term “Snake’s Head” has become globally recognized, underscoring the regime’s interventionist role in terrorism and war-mongering. Increasingly, it is understood that lasting peace in the Middle East and the world is unattainable without overthrowing the religious fascism ruling Iran through a democratic revolution.

Khamenei and the Dilemma of the Upcoming Elections

Khamenei attempts to portray the upcoming presidential election as free and open, permitting anyone to register. However, it is evident that the election has been engineered to restore the regime’s position following Raisi’s death. The sanctification of Raisi as a martyr president is part of this strategy. Nevertheless, the Iranian people are likely to boycott this election, turning it into another regime defeat, similar to the recent parliamentary elections.

Advances of Democratic Alternatives

In stark contrast to Khamenei’s troubles, the Democratic Alternative, through sustained diplomatic efforts, has achieved a significantly stronger position. Two years ago, during the 2022 uprising, the regime collaborated with remnants of the Shah’s regime to isolate the democratic alternative while the world powers imposed a widespread media boycott on the Iranian Resistance. Despite these efforts, Iran’s Resistance overcame this vicious policy and gained considerable advances. Today, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi’s 10-point plan enjoys broad support.

Actions of MEK’s Resistance Units

The Resistance Units, the vanguard of the uprising and overthrow, have successfully channeled the explosive discontent of Iranian society into a new phase of confrontation with the regime. Through 20,000 acts of defiance, they ignite the fire of resistance across the nation. Their efforts demonstrate an impressive level of capability, capacity, and readiness to overthrow the regime.

An All-Out Confrontation

As we assess Iran’s current political landscape, freedom-loving Iranians are set to participate in the Great Gathering for a Free Iran. On June 29, 2024, Berlin will witness a massive show of support. This event represents a comprehensive confrontation between religious fascism and the Iranian resistance.

The strength of Iran’s resistance does not stem from the support of world powers. Instead, it is rooted in the determination of freedom-loving Iranians who have demonstrated over the years their unwavering commitment to liberating their country from the most oppressive regime in Iran’s history.

Great Gathering for a Free Iran: Berlin, June 29, 2024

This demonstration echoes the desires of the Iranian people expressed in the uprisings of 2022-2023 to overthrow the ruling theocracy.

In Iran, under religious fascism, it is not a time for elections but a time for revolution.

The vote of the Iranian people is for the overthrow of the clerical regime and the establishment of a democratic republic based on the separation of religion and state.

The presence of German lawmakers and political figures shows support for the Iranian people’s resistance.

Date and Time: Saturday, June 29, 2024, at 13:00

Below we take a look at the great gatherings of Free Iran in the last few years:

Free Iran World Summit 2023

Free Iran World Summit 2023, Highlights–July 1, 2023

Free Iran 2023—Day 2: Imperative to Regional Peace and Stability, Onward to a Democratic Republic

Free Iran 2023—Day 3: Prosecute Iran’s Regime Leaders for Crimes Against Humanity, Genocide

Free Iran World Summit 2022

Please follow the speeches of prominent dignitaries by the following link

The Free Iran World Summit 2021

The Free Iran World Summit 2021 was the largest-ever online international event dedicated to liberating Iran from its oppressive religious dictatorship and paving the way for a free, democratic, and sovereign future.

Free Iran World Summit 2021-The Democratic Alternative on the March to Victory

Please follow the speeches of prominent dignitaries by the following link

Free Iran 2020 Global Summit: Iran Rising Up for Freedom | Resistance Units Key to Victory

In 2020, the gathering was held at the compound in Albania that houses members of the NCRI’s main constituent group, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI-MEK). The live stream event took place in more than 30,000 different locations, spanning 104 countries, with over 1000 dignitaries and personalities attending the summit.

Highlights of Day 1 of the Free Iran 2020 Global Summit – Iran Rising Up for Freedom

Highlights of Day 2 of the Free Iran 2020 Global Summit – The 1988 massacre

Highlights of Day 3 of the Free Iran 2020 Global Summit – Iranian Regime’s Terrorism

Iranian Opposition Conference in Albania—July 12, 2019

Prominent international dignitaries joining Iranian opposition President Maryam Rajavi at a conference in Ashraf 3 – Tirana, Albania – July 12, 2019

Renowned dignitaries from across the globe gathered in Ashraf 3, home to members of the MEK, to attend a conference on over a century of the Iranian people’s struggle for freedom. An exhibition symbolizing more than a hundred years of the Iranian people’s struggle for democracy.

FreeIran 2018 Grand Gathering

The international gathering of Iranians and supporters of the Iranian Resistance was held near Paris. Hundreds of senior former officials, lawmakers, and prominent personalities from more than 50 countries in five continents attended this gathering.

More than 200 members of the British parliament expressed support for the rally and the Iranian people’s uprising against the clerical regime.

More than 50 bishops of the Church of England condemned the human rights abuses perpetrated by the regime in Tehran and its treatment of Iran’s religious minorities.  The majority of San Marino’s parliament recently declared their solidarity with the people of Iran in their uprising.

Free Iran Gathering Against Mullahs’ Regime, July 2017

The grand gathering of Iranians and supporters of the Iranian Resistance was held in Paris on Saturday, July 1st, in which hundreds of senior former officials, lawmakers, and prominent personalities from more than 50 countries on five continents participated.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, was the keynote speaker. She emphasized that the only way to liberate the Iranian people from religious tyranny and to establish peace and tranquility in the region is to overthrow the Velayat-e Faqih.

Free Iran Gathering 2016

On July 9, 2016, a gathering was held at cavernous convention halls near Le Bourget Airfield, close to where Charles Lindbergh ended his historic solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean 90 years ago. More than 100,000 friends and supporters of over 300 human rights and Iranian dissident groups joined dignitaries and elected officials from around the world to oppose the rule of the mullahs in Tehran. This annual gathering has deep roots in the struggle for freedom and democracy in Iran and is the largest thorn in the side of the ruling religious leaders of the Iranian regime. Among the groups in attendance was the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI), whose mere association is considered treason and punishable by death by the mullahs.