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Free Iran 2020 Global Summit: Iran Rising Up for Freedom | Resistance Units Key to Victory – July 17, 2020

Free Iran 2020 Global Summit: Iran Rising Up for Freedom | Resistance Units Key to Victory – July 17, 2020
Free Iran 2020 Global Summit: Iran Rising Up for Freedom | Resistance Units Key to Victory

July 17, 2020: The Iranian expatriates holing their annual gathering, organized by the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI). From its inception in 2004 until 2018, the event took place near Paris each summer. In 2019, it was instead held at the recently completed compound in Albania that houses members of the NCRI’s main constituent group, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI-MEK). This year, because of the coronavirus pandemic, it was not possible to organize an event according to the same protocol. But it will go forward all the same, with participants gathering in small groups in their home countries or tapping into the livestream from their own homes.

The live stream event is taking place in more than 30,000 different locations, spanning 104 countries, with over 1000 dignitaries and personalities attending the summit. In recent years, the in-person gathering had developed a reputation for bringing together over 100,000 Iranian expatriates from throughout the world.

Former PMOI/MEK Secretary General Zohreh Akhiani

In her opening remarks to the conference, Ms. Akhiani said, “Your support is invaluable for the cause to overthrow the religious fascism ruling Iran. This conference will voice its support for Resistance Units and Mrs. Maryam Rajavi.

PMOI/MEK Deputy Secretary-General Rabie Mofidi:

We salute attendants from five continents. This conference shows how unity can bring change to Iran. 

Jean François Legaret, Mayor of Paris District 1

“We support your efforts in Ashraf 1, 2 and 3. You have shown to everyone in the world your resistance and strength against torture and massacre. Ashraf 3 is the light at the end of the tunnel, the democratic alternative. We hope for a free Iran.”

Full remarks of Jean François Legaret, Mayor of Paris District 1

Dr. Matthew Offord, Member of the British House of Commons

“120 members of the British House of Commons and Lords have declared their support for the protests in Iran, and the ten-point plan of Madame Rajavi.

“I call on the UK government to join the maximum pressure campaign on the Iranian regime. It has deprived the regime of millions of dollars to fund terror campaigns. We must also join the call to extend the arms embargo on Tehran. Tehran must be denied the funds it needs ot suppress the people of Iran and engage in terrorism.

“The international community should look to the Iranian people and Mrs. Maryam Rajavi.”

Full remarks of Dr. Matthew Offord, Member of the British House of Commons

Philipe Gosselin, Member of French National Assembly, Vice President of CPID Committee

“Thank you for your efforts. In 2018, the regime made a terror attempt against all of us at the Free Iran rally in Paris. The diplomat who was involved in the attempt is now being tried in Belgium. This is good news. All the agents of the regime must be expelled. 

“This is a dictatorship regime. It has killed 1,500 protesters and 176 passengers on a civilian airplane. Millions of people are suffering from the Covid-19 outbreak because the regime does not take the necessary measures.

“Yes to a free and democratic Iran.”

Full remarks of Philipe Gosselin, Member of French National Assembly, Vice President of CPID Committee

Theresa Payton, CEO of Fortalice LLC, Cybersecurity and Intelligence

“We can change the future of Iran and the world. The Iranian regime is at the forefront of cyber warfare and we must stop it. It is using this front and terrorist activities to carry out its policies, to suppress citizens. Iran has attacked the critical infrastructure of countries around the world. It hides behind fake personas and cyber operatives. 

“The regime spreads disinformation and fake news on social media. Iran’s goal is to drive positive news about the regime in cyberspace. They wish to influence the media to discredit the opposition, the MEK. [Tehran] promotes fake news about its nuclear program, tries to portray its intervention in Syria and Iraq as a humanitarian.

“Iran blocks websites and social media networks while tracking mobile devices. The Iranian people and protesters are becoming more creative and technical to make their voices heard.

“The U.S. must step up to address the cyber threat of Iran. We will never find a solution to a free Iran without dedicating ourselves to a new approach:

  • A comprehensive strategy to enable the citizens of Iran to achieve a free Iran
  • Financial backing and expert advice of social media campaigns to bypass the Iranian regime and promote regime change by the Iranian people
  • If the world acts now, Iran and the world will take a more positive course

Full remarks of Theresa Payton, CEO of Fortalice LLC, Cybersecurity and Intelligence

Martin Patzelt, Member of the Human Rights Commission of the German Bundestag

“Forty years of crimes against humanity and corruption, killing and torturing the best people of the country. Our congregation today makes it quite clear that the Iranian people want change, want to have democracy and human rights, they want economic wealth.

“A revolution is announcing itself in Iran. The people in Iran don’t want the mullahs. The mullahs cannot change. The mullahs have to go if we want the inhuman conditions in Iran to change.

“The regime wanted the people to forget the MEK. But the active role of the MEK prevented this from happening. We stand with you and tell the world that the people of Iran should be allowed to live in freedom.
“Germany and the European Union must support the changing forces in and outside Iran. An alternative that is peaceful is available. President Maryam Rajavi has a ten-point plan which expresses hope for the future of Iran. Free Iran would be a haven of security and peace for everyone in the world. The rain and violence will pass and the sun of freedom and humanity will shine on your country.”

Full remarks of Martin Patzelt, Member of the Human Rights Commission of the German Bundestag

Anna Fotyga, former Foreign Minister of Poland and Member of the European Parliament

“European policies were not entirely successful. We should be more firm and determined, and more decisive in pushing for changes in Iran. I’m sure that your combat will bring success and freedom to all people living in Iran. After so many years, you will return to your homeland and enjoy the proximity of your friends and family.”

Full remarks of Anna Fotyga, former Foreign Minister of Poland and Member of the European Parliament

Resistance Units express their support for the Free Iran rally

Prior to the event, Resistance Units, an internal network of the MEK’s organized activities, announced their support for the annual gathering of the Iranian Resistance, the Free Iran Global Summit: Iran Rising Up for Freedom: MEK Resistance Units Are the Key to Regime Change in Iran. 

The Resistance Units bravely took to graffiti in public places and sent personal messages in support of Maryam Rajavi and the 2020 Free Iran gathering. The Resistance Units’ activities and personal messages loudly expressed the Iranian people’s determination to overthrow the mullahs’ regime and their desire for a free and democratic Iran.

Live Video-Wall, Free Iran 2020 Global Summit – Ashraf 3
Maryam Rajavi: We are determined to restore freedom and people’s sovereignty in Iran, and this will happen

Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran


“This summit echoes the calls for the clerical regime’s overthrow in the successive uprisings from December 2017 and January 2018 to November 2019 and January 2020,” Mrs. Maryam Rajavi said in her keynote speech.

“From all indications, the ruling theocracy is in a position to be overthrown,” Mrs. Raajvis said, referring to nationwide protests that have called for the regime’s overthrow. “The regime’s guardians, lobbyists and hirelings were all checkmated by these uprisings, because the protests foiled their fabricated and unfounded stories.”

Mrs. Rajavi stressed that the mullahs are reeling over the reality that these uprisings and rebellious youth have adopted the roadmap and the strategy of the PMOI/MEK.

“Over the past two years, the emergence of rebellious cities and the operations of resistance units against repression, aimed at breaking the suppressive atmosphere, fueling the engine of the uprisings, and mobilizing the people, have made the regime feel the danger clearly and vividly,” Mrs. Rajavi said.

In her remarks, Mrs. Rajavi stressed that the Iranian regime is at a deadlock. “If they continue to pursue their current path and course of action, namely continue their belligerence, missile launches, terrorism, intimidation, and contraction, they will inevitably crash head first,” she said. On the other hand, retracing their steps and changing behavior will undermine their very rule. This is why the regime is trying to consolidate power in the most brutal agents of the supreme leader.

In her remarks, Mrs. Rajavi also reflected on the disastrous coronavirus outbreak in Iran. “More than any other time, this carnage uncovered the ghastly reality of how the mullahs have destroyed the country’s healthcare, nutrition, and social welfare foundations, leaving our people vulnerable to the virus more than any other country in the world,” she said, adding that the abnormal surging trend of the number of coronavirus victims in Iran is a product of the criminal policies of the regime aimed at countering the “threat of an uprising and eventual overthrow” of the regime.

Mrs. Rajavi also reminded that while the mullahs have not done anything to counter Covid-19, they have “pursued their belligerent and terrorist activities in Iraq and Syria and escalated their ominous nuclear activities to a new level.”

“The question is, where do they get the funds to spend on such activities? Obviously, by emptying the baskets of our deprived people,” she said.

“Today, in Iran, one of the greatest battles and one of the greatest tests of our time are being waged between freedom and religious fascism, between democracy and religious fundamentalism,” the Iranian opposition President continued. “We urge all governments and the international bodies to stand with the people of Iran in this historic showdown with the greatest threat to world’s peace and security.”

In her speech, Mrs. Rajavi spoke of the Iranian regime’s terrorist attempts against the Iranian resistance, including a foiled bombing attempt against the Free Iran 2018 rally, which resulted in the arrest of a regime diplomat now on trial in Belgium. “The revelation and foiling of the Iranian regime’s major terrorist plots in Europe and the trial of its diplomat for direct involvement in the operation are disgraced by the ruling religious fascism in Iran,” Mrs. Rajavi said. “It also shows that it will not hesitate to perpetrate any crime or pay any price to destroy MEK and the Iranian Resistance, which it views as an existential threat.”

Mrs. Rajavi concluded her speech by reiterating the Iranian Resistance’s mission to overthrow the mullahs’ criminal regime and restore the trampled rights of all the people of Iran. “We have not come to gain something for ourselves; we have come to sacrifice and pay the price. We are determined to restore freedom and people’s sovereignty in Iran, and it will be so. Long live freedom,” the NCRI President concluded.

MEK/PMOI resistance units expressing their solidarity with Maryam Rajavi

The event featured videos from Resistance Units, who send recorded video clips from across Iran, expressing their support for the Free Iran rally and their commitment to bring democratic regime change in Iran.

The resistance units are recording and sending these video clips at a great risk, against the backdrop of an uptick in the regime’s suppressive measures against members, supporters, and families of the MEK.

Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York

“This gathering is for the people of Iran, who are living under tyranny, to let them know their fight for freedom is supported around the world, at the highest levels.

“Iranians have demonstrated their desire for freedom. Over 1,500 people were killed by the regime. The people of Iran have made it clear to the world that they want a free and democratic Iran, ruled by law, in which women are treated equally as men. These are the goals of MEK, of NCRI, of Maryam Rajavi.

“Despite the murders, the protests are not slowing. They’re becoming greater and greater. The one organization that has done more than any other to free the world of fundamentalism is the NCRI.

“The NCRI is under the leadership of Maryam Rajavi, a woman who has the respect of all of us. Imagine having a woman as the head of state. I think it will completely transform the Middle East and the world.

“The MEK is the driving force for change. It’s why the regime has singled it out for murder. Regime apologists say the MEK and NCRI don’t amount to much. But Khamenei and Rouhani have said many times that the only organization that can replace them is the NCRI and the MEK. It’s amazing that the corrupt western press suppresses that.

“We know the truth. This organization is a total threat to the regime. When they see this gathering, despite their efforts to block us, they realize our potential, they see how this organization can become a bridge to a free Iran. The Iranian people deserve that.

“The economy in Iran is collapsing. It’s a tragedy. Even when Iran was getting a flow of money, people in Iran were starving. With coronavirus, the level of hunger and poverty in Iran is heartbreaking. The only solace is that the revolution is happening. The regime is on the brink. It has allowed more than 70,000 people to die [of coronavirus]. 

“They’re still allocating tremendous money to terrorist groups. They’d rather allocate money to renegade groups that want to wreak havoc in Europe than feed their people. They’re crooked. They’re thieves. They’re like the mafia, except on a much bigger scale. The Ayatollah is the head of the mafia, he’s not religious.

“Experience has shown that dictatorship doesn’t change on its own. Despite all the concessions provided under the JCPOA, the Iranian regime did not change one bit. It continued its nuclear activities. It continued to be the single biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world.

“Regime change in Iran is within reach. That’s the goal of NCRI and Maryam Rajavi, a free Iran that will contribute to peace in the world. The goal is to have free and fair elections, to establish a rule of law. The Iranian people will decide who they want, what kind of constitution they want. That is the goal of this organization.

“Stand with Maryam Rajavi. Stand with Maryam Rajavi. Stand with Maryam Rajavi.”

Full remarks of Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York

Former U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman

“This is an historic event. An event like this does not happen without an organization like the NCRI, which persists to do things that others do not try to do. No organization succeeds without a strong leader. This organization has the strongest of leaders in Maryam Rajavi.

“I stand with Maryam Rajavi. There is no better ally than the NCRI. Is there another opposition group with support in Iran anywhere near the NCRI? No.

“What we are doing in America, those of us who so strongly support the NCRI is in the interests of the security of the American people, whose security is threatened by the fanatical regime in Iran.

“The policy of maximum pressure has weakened the regime in Iran. We tried [negotiations], but it didn’t work, the regime still brutally suppresses the people, still steals their wealth, still builds nuclear missiles. We have reached a point that we can conclude after all that has been tried with this criminal syndicate, nothing has worked. The regime will not change. We must act to change it. It will come from the resistance fighters. We must stand with them and support them. I am ready, hazer, for that day.”

Full remarks of Former U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman

Sen. Martha McSally from Arizona

“It’s important for the people of Iran to have their own voice. The regime has the blood of American servicemen and -women on its hands. The crackdown on the protests have murdered so many people.

“The maximum pressure campaign has been working and is squeezing their cash on terrorist activities and repression. We must work with European partners and support the maximum pressure campaign. We must support the extension of the arms embargo on Iran.

“We stand with you, stand with the brave Iranian people. You are putting everything on the line for your god-given right to freedom.”

Full remarks of Sen. Martha McSally from Arizona

Rep. Lance Gooden

“The members of the US Congress are behind you. We all agree that the people of Iran deserve to be free. Thank you to Madame Rajavi for everything she’s done.

“I want to encourage young people to continue your fight, your resistance. You’re not alone. The people of the United States are with you.”

Full remarks of Rep. Lance Gooden

Former Sen. Robert Torricelli

“The people of Iran are speaking to us, across the country. The inability of the mullahs to tell the truth even about the destruction of the Ukrainian airliner tells it all. Can you be trusted with the future of a nation?

“In Iran, tens of thousands of deaths from the pandemic, the money is going to terrorist attacks in Lebanon and Yemen, to build a nuclear weapon. This is how you spend your resources? These are your priorities? The game is up. We see you now for who you are.

“Stand with Maryam Rajavi. We are all with the people of Iran till the end.”

Full remarks of Former Sen. Robert Torricelli

Former Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich

“On the one hand, the dictatorship is getting weaker. On the other hand, the pressure put on the dictatorship has made it more aggressive in Syria, in Lebanon, in its efforts to obtain weapons. There are those of us who believe in freedom and believe the people of Iran deserve freedom.

“I am committed to do everything I can to help the people of Iran to have freedom and the economy you want them to have.“

Full remarks of former Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich

Khalid Yamani, former Foreign Minister of Yemen

“I wish you success in defeating the dictatorship and freeing the people of Iran from dictatorship. The expansion policies of the regime through its terrorist forces is an extreme violation of international law. The regime of Iran is a threat to the Iranian people and the interests of the people of the region. 

“The people of Yemen stand with you against this dictatorship. We support the ten-point plan of Mrs. Rajavi.”

Full remarks of Khalid Yamani, former Foreign Minister of Yemen

Former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper

“In Iran, the regime and the virus are united against the people. No country was so quickly overwhelmed by the virus. The regime’s priority is the backing of its terror network and its nuclear program.

“The ayatollah’s regime has breached almost all of its commitments under the JCPOA (formal term of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action). But the regime is not strong. It is weakened. Corruption is rampant. Street protests continue to break out across Iran. 

“The regime is ready to fall and be replaced. The NCRI has adopted a ten-point plan. I can’t tell the Iranian people who their leader should be. But this ten-point plan is something that all good people want for their country.”

Full remarks of former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Michele Alliot Marie, MEP, former French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Defense, Justice, Home Affairs

“What we have in common is the will to stand for human values, democracy, peace. That’s what we want for Iran. We want them to benefit the freedom of spirit, of the possibility of being religious or secular. 

“We are also worried because we are living in a dangerous world. In Yemen, Iran is playing a dangerous role. We’re also seeing the terror case being investigated in Belgium, which is reason for worry. It is up to the Iranians to choose their government. But we wish for them to join the club of nations.

“As a woman, I want to see Iranian women pursue their ambitions as citizens. It is really important to have an open door for women in government. I admire what you do for the people of Iran and wish you success.”

Full remarks of Michele Alliot Marie, MEP, former French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Defense, Justice, Home Affairs

Patrick Kennedy, former Member of the U.S. House of Representatives

“The virus of religious fascism has made the people of Iran very sick and has cost millions of lives. It needs to be extinguished. We know the principles of the NCRI and MEK, and they will provide the vaccinations. 

“Freedom, human rights, will extinguish the awful insidious virus of religious fascism. It’s great that we have organizations like the NCRI and MEK to bring that about. This is a fight of all human beings. We know that Iran, as the leading state-sponsor of terrorism, is a threat to justice and peace everywhere around the world.”

Full remarks of Patrick Kennedy, former Member of the US House of Representatives

Pandeli Majko—Minister of State, former Prime Minister of Albania

“Ashraf in Albania, you’re part of our family. MEK is the flag of the future freedom of their country. The MEK are the unwritten rule of freedom. They are the flag of hope. Today is a good day to be reminded of our responsibility. Hope to see you in Tehran.”

Full remarks of Pandeli Majko, Minister of State, former Prime Minister of Albania

Lulzim Basha, former Mayor of Tirana, leader of the Democratic Party of Albania

“We are committed and in solidarity with the Iranian people’s aspirations for freedom. The Iranian regime has shown unprovoked violence against its own people and the international community. Today’s event is a testimony that the international community is united against the threat of the Iranian regime.

“We stand against the Iranian regime’s terrorist efforts on our soil. We support the Iranian people’s goal for a secular, democratic and non-nuclear country.

“We stand with the people of Iran who continue to hold legitimate and peaceful protests against the regime. We have faith that a better future is within reach for the people of Iran. You can continue to count on our full support.”

Full remarks of Lulzim Basha, former Mayor of Tirana, leader of the Democratic Party of Albania

Message of Sali Berisha, former President and Prime Minister of Albania at the Iranian opposition Free Iran 2020 webinar held on July 17, 2020

Message of Sali Berisha, former President and Prime Minister of Albania

“This summit finds you, the resistance, as the only real hope of reaching a free Iran. The reasons behind the mullahs’ psychological war prove that they are weaker than ever and closer to the end they deserve.

“I am proud to support your movement and that Albania is your second home today. Complete severance of diplomatic ties with the regime of Iran is a necessary step.”

Full remarks of Message of Sali Berisha, former President and Prime Minister of Albania

Michael Mukasey, the 81st U.S. Attorney General

Michael Mukasey, the 81st U.S. Attorney General

“The Iranian regime has for years used agents with diplomatic credentials to carry out acts of terror. The regime fears the NCRI and the threat they pose to the regime of Tehran.

“The belief of the Iranian people is that the regime is entirely rotten to the core. The most restrictive sanctions must be snapped back against the regime. The regime’s nuclear efforts have not abated. It continues to support terrorism. 

“The only way to end the regime’s behavior is to end the regime.”

Tom Ridge, former Governor of Pennsylvania and First U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security

Tom Ridge, former Governor of Pennsylvania and First U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security

“The men and women of Iran pursue happiness. We should consider what we have accomplished today, and the message we send to the Iranian regime.

We say to the regime and to the people of Iran and the people of the world that we stand with Maryam Rajavi and the goal of regime change in Iran. 

The covid-19 could not deter the world from gathering for the cause of freedom in Iran. If a global pandemic is ill-equipped to silence us to keep us from gathering and support freedom, then the mullahs can’t possibly do it. They tried again and again, and they’ve failed. Over decades and decades, they’ve imprisoned and tortured thousands and thousands of your fellow citizens to silence the call for freedom, for regime change, and they’ve failed.

They will continue to fail, their grip of oppression grows weaker every day. Th voice of freedom grows stronger and louder every day. And this gathering shows the global support for the NCRI and MEK grows larger and louder every day. 

I look forward to the day when I can join all of you in Iran.

Former FBI Director Louis Freeh

Former FBI Director Louis Freeh

“This event is not an anniversary. We’re looking to the future. We’re pursuing a goal and achieving new milestones every day. And today, we took another step in that direction.

“The wind is moving the forces of freedom in Iran. The regime is collapsing. The people are fed up with the oppression of the totalitarian regime.

“It’s no surprise that the regime that signed the JCPOA could not be trusted and cannot be trusted with another agreement.”

Regarding the regime’s crimes against MEK members, Freeh said: “There has to be accountability. Someone has to make the decision to hold these criminals to account. These are crimes of the most serious nature. They rival what happened in Nazi germany and Bosnia. We need a world-class documentation center to gather the evidence. At some point, these people should be brought to justice.

“Thank you Madame Rajavi for your great leadership.”

Jack Keane, former Vice Chief of Staff of the US Army

Jack Keane, former Vice Chief of Staff of the US Army

“I fully support your resistance movement and your drive for freedom. The maximum pressure campaign is working. The regime is weaker than ever. 

“The people are holding the mullahs responsible for what is happening. The momentum is gaining. We can see it. We can feel it.

“Yesterday, in Behbahan, the people were in the streets, chanting ‘Shame on you Khamenei, leave our country,’ and  ‘No to Gaza, no to Lebanon, we sacrifice our lives for Iran.’ That is always inspiring. These people don’t want to die, but they’re willing to. It is about the future of their children and their grandchildren and their love for their country. This is true love and honor and can never be taken for granted.

“We in America are inspired by the Iranian people’s raw courage and by Maryam Rajavi’s leadership.

“Mullahs, get lost. Free Iran. Free Iran.”

Linda Chavez, former White House Director of Public Liaison

Linda Chavez, former White House Director of Public Liaison

“We’ve seen uprisings across Iran. People pushing for a better economy, but also more importantly for freedom, to be able to live in a country that honors civil liberties. We’ve seen the toll the pandemic has taken. There are people dying every day because of the collapse of the medical system and the indifference of the regime. Even the regime’s effort to build nuclear weapons is collapsing.

“There’s no question that the regime is collapsing. But the question is, who will take its place? We know who the regime fears. We saw it in the bombing attempt at the 2018 Free Iran rally in Paris. Why is it that the regime fears Madame Rajavi? It’s for the simple reason she stands for ideas of liberty. 

“I am here to say to the regime, your time is coming. Your days are numbered. And those who will replace you will do it with the strength of their ideas.

CIO for President George Bush and his administration

Theresa Villiers, former Secretary of State for Environment and Northern Ireland and Conservative Member of Parliament 

“We all know that the human rights situation in Iran continues to be appalling and the Covid-19 emergency has been added. The novel coronavirus crisis is being used as an excuse to increase repression. The survival of the regime appears to be much more important to them than dealing with the pandemic. 

“This is a crucial opportunity to keep the pressure on this brutal and repressive regime and to send a message of support and solidarity to the people of Iran that we share their goal for a free and democratic Iran.”

David Jones—Member British House of Commons and former Secretary of State for Wales

David Jones—Member British House of Commons and former Secretary of State for Wales

“We call on the UK government to stand firm against the Iranian regime. Maryam Rajavi is the legitimate ambassador of the Iranian people, and she should be recognized as such by the British government.”

John Prichard, Bishop of the Church of England

John Prichard, Bishop of the Church of England

“The regime is sweeping up members of the Iranian Christian community. We resonate with many of our colleagues and call on our government to hold the regime to account for its human rights abuses and do more at international human rights organizations to end the impunity that human rights violators enjoy in Iran.

James Conway, 34th Commandant of the US Marine Corps

James Conway, 34th Commandant of the US Marine Corps

“The regime has had a tough year. 

“No other country shoots its citizens dead when they come to the streets to protest.

“The NCRI has done much over the years to correct what is happening in Iran. Don’t be discouraged. Don’t lose faith.”

Robert Joseph, former US Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security

Robert Joseph, former US Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security

“The end of the religious dictatorship is in sight. They know the economy is in shambles the regime has nowhere to turn. The mullahs know they have lost all legitimacy. The Iranian people are the main threat to the regime. The mass killings are desperate acts of a dying regime. The mullahs know the people will never forgive them for the role they’ve played in the tragic deaths of the coronavirus pandemic.

“While we prepare for the end of the regime, the mullahs’ answer is more corruption and more repression. The answer is more pressure. We must not give the regime another lifeline. We must cut off access to arms by extending the arms embargo. 

“We owe it to the martyrs and to the future. We must support the democratic resistance. We know regime change must come from within and will come from within. Mrs. Rajavi and the ten-point plan provides a plan of action for a free and democratice Iran.

“Mrs. Rajavi I stand with you.”

Reza Fallah, former Iranian political prisoner

Reza Fallah, former Iranian political prisoner

“The only state that takes pride in its terorism is the mullahs regime. Today, the resistance units of the MEK are shaking the ground beneath the feet of the mullahs. This is why the regime is taking great efforts to discredit the Iranian Resistance.

“We are former political prisoners who have suffered the regime’s torture will expose its agents. We will continue our efforts until the overthrow of this regime.”

Sid Ahmed Ghozali, former Prime Minister of Algeria

Sid Ahmed Ghozali, former Prime Minister of Algeria

“The Iranian regime is trying to control the society through violence. The gap between the people and the government has grown wider and wider. Iran has an alternative, the NCRI. The Iranian people have a great opportunity in the ten-point plan.

“I would like to renew my friendship toward you.”

John Perry, former Irish Minister

John Perry, former Irish Minister

“The NCRI is capable of leading the people to freedom and bringing democratic change in Iran. I urge the Irish government to support the extension of the UN weapons embargo on Iran. The Irish government should take the lead at the UN level and push for the reimposition of international sanctions on the Iranian regime.”

Former U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte

Former U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte

“The people of Iran deserve freedom from the oppression and tyranny of the mullahs. We stand with the people of Iran. We join to say loudly the mullahs must go. The people deserve a government that supports the safety and health of all people.

“I would like to thank Madame Rajavi and the NCRI for your courage in standing up against the tyranny of the mullahs. Iranian people have told the regime the game is now over. We remember and honor the fact that the Iranian people have put their lives on the line. To the Iranian people, we will not let your voices be silenced. 

“I want to thank Madame Rajavi for her leadership and for speaking out for the three students sentenced to death for speaking out against the mullahs, and for the rights of all Iranians to speak their mind. It is time for all countries in the world to confront the mullahs and to support the right of the Iranian people to be free from tyranny and to live in peace and prosperity.

Ad Melkert, former leader of Dutch Labour Party and former Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General

Ad Melkert, former leader of Dutch Labour Party and former Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General

“The campaign for justice and solidarity continues. The regime has left the people on their own in the novel coronavirus crisis. The regime kept the people in the dark for one month. The supreme leader possesses hundreds of billions of dollars but doesn’t help the people. 

“Those who stood up in protests are severely persecuted and are at risk of being executed. It is time to raise our voice for the Iranian people. I support your endeavor for a free Iran.”

Canadian MP James Bezan

Canadian MP James Bezan

“You have my full support along with tens of thousands of others as you continue to fight for freedom and democracy in Iran. Canada can and must do more to defend freedom and democracy in Iran and hold the regime of Khamenei accountable for its crimes. 

“I sympathize with all those affected by the virus and the downing of the airplane. We must not allow the regime to escape accountability. Freeze the assets of regime officials who are responsible for the shooting down of the airplane. Designate the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) as a terrorist organization. Stop diplomatic relations with the regime. Appeasement must stop.

“Holding to account and sanctioning the regime is necessary for the mullahs’ ongoing terrorism and the 1988 massacre of dissidents. Overwhelmingly, they targeted tens of thousands of MEK members and supporters. Khamenei and members of the regime cabinet must be held accountable for their crimes.

“I would like to thank Mrs. Maryam Rajavi. You inspire each and every one of us. It is in our interests to see a free Iran in our generation. I add my voice to hundreds of my colleagues here and around the world.”

Íngrid Betancourt, former Presidential Candidate of Columbia

Íngrid Betancourt, former Presidential Candidate of Columbia

“I salute all the freedom fighters in Iran who are taking risks to end the tyranny of the mullahs. They have been told at a very young age that the world is their enemy. But this conference shows that the whole world is united for you, to support your struggle, to tell you you are not alone, that we admire you.

“The mullahs want to convince the people of Iran that there are only enemies. Behind this is greed and corruption. War is very important to hide corruption. The mullahs are using the war to steal from the Iranian youth their time, their opportunity, their prosperity. They are using God to do evil. We are witnessing this evil every day. But we are also witnessing a beacon of light. What impresses me today is that with this digital display that we are witnessing through this worldwide webinar, we are witnessing that we are united, and the voice that is uniting us is Maryam Rajavi. She is leading the democratic struggle in Iran. 

“The reason we are all united from all over the world from all ideological backgrounds, all culture and religions around Maryam is that we believe she is the only one who can guarantee to the Iranian people that they will not be betrayed again. It would be a disaster if there was no one to guide the energy for freedom and justice of the Iranian people.

“Maryam said in her address that she will never cling to power. This is not a struggle for power, it’s a struggle for democracy, with principles and values.

“Two days ago began the trial of Assadollah Assadi, who tried to kill all of us in the [2018] Paris rally. This tyranny wants to blow us up to cling to power and greed. We are all together in putting a stop to this madness. Assadi was the main planner of the plot. He’s a terrorist, he was covering himself as a third-consul of the Iranian embassy, but the governments of Europe already knew he was a terrorist and were following him. This sophisticated plot was neutralized at the last stage.

“It has been proven that Khamenei personally ordered the attack. According to official sources, the response by the French government was far from significant. The regime has spared no effort to stop Assadi’s trial. They have taken hostages, European nationals, French and British nationals to bargain. This has created tremendous pain for the families of our citizens. We are the potential victims of the mullahs’ madness. 

“Regime leaders have to be held to account for this plot. In the same way we won’t settle for less for obtaining the freedom of Iran, the ten-point plan of Maryam Rajavi, whom I salute and admire as a leader. We won’t settle for any less than putting to trial all the perpetrators of these crimes. 

“We are ready and we are going to find a way to bring freedom to Iran and these perpetrators to trial.”

Canadian MP Judy Sgro

Canadian MP Judy Sgro

“Your courage and dedication have become more than ever obvious. We have all experienced the demonization campaign against your movement. In Canada, we’ve had our share of atrocities by the regime against our citizens. 

“Continuing to recognize the tremendous leadership of Madame Rajavi, the sacrifices will not be in vain. Much hope for victory is near. Let’s join our voices to the youth who are chanting freedom is our inalienable right.”

Gilbert Mitterrand

Gilbert Mitterrand—Son of the late French President Francois Mitterand, President of France Libertes Foundation

“We know the regime of the mullahs is a dictatorship that is governing the country through terror and organized massacre, repression and torture in the everyday lives of the people. Two political prisoners were recently executed. Iranians are expressing their discontent. The regime fears popular protests.

“It is really important for the universal values to abolish the death penalty. We support Maryam Rajavi and today, we have the ten-point plan, which puts hope on the side of the people. You, dear Maryam, are the personification of the hopes of the people of Iran.”

Rama Yade, former French Minister of Human Rights

Rama Yade, former French Minister of Human Rights

“This gathering shows the determination of the NCRI to continue its fight despite the exceptional conditions. This organization proves the technical, logistical and capacity to mobilize its old dream of a free and democratic Iran. That is the driving force behind this unprecedented event. Justice, freedom, democracy, is what we demand here today.

“The Iranian Resistance is a major player, a key to the solution. The international community must recognize this. Europe must stand with you. The EU must condemn human rights violations in Iran and it must condition trade with Iran to an end to human rights violations. It must support the Iranian people’s desire for freedom and a state based on the separation of church and state. It is a question of morality, but it is also about security for all of us and the region. We’re not sweet dreamers. We want our citizens to have jobs, our merchants to have contracts. But we know that we will get none of this by lowering the flag of human rights. We must side with humanity. If we do not react, the heroes of the resistance who have sacrificed so much will be alone.”

Ahmad Jar Allah, Editor-in-Chief of Al-Siyasa Newspaper

Ahmad Jar Allah, Editor-in-Chief of Al-Siyasa Newspaper

“We wish for the day that Mrs. Rajavi and this great opposition takes the lead in Iran. We see many personalities taking part in this conference and support the Iranian Resistance. The regime is using terrorism to continue its rule. We cannot trust this regime with nuclear weapons. The people of Iran deserve to be friends with the world. 

“This regime is dealing drugs, laundering money, assassinating. We wait to witness the fall of this regime. I wish the opposition all the success.”

Zinat Mirhashemi

Zinat Mirhashemi—NCRi Member, editor of Nabard-e-Khalq publication of the People’s Fedayeen Organization of Iran 

“Khamenei is trying to use the coronavirus situation to save his regime. But the Iranian Resistance and the organized opposition have managed to resist. The regime has used the appeasement policy to preserve its power and continue to put pressure on the Iranian people.

“The uprisings in the past few years prove that evil powers will be gone. The people have risen against this dictatorship. The flag of overthrowing the regime that was raised by NCRI is today in the hands of thousands of men and women across Iran.

“The only request we have from foreign powers is to remain true to the principles of human rights and international norms and to not aid and appease the regime.”

Luis Reit Ramos

Luis Reit Ramos—Member of Assembly of the Portuguese Republic, President of the Social Commission – Vice President of the PPE at the European Council

“The people of Iran have been left alone in the coronavirus pandemic while the mullahs have billions of dollars. The situation is much different from other countries. Why is the WHO silent? Why aren’t they doing something for the people of Iran? I hope the WHO and the Special Rapporteur of the UN take action.

“Mrs. Rajavi, we stand with you.”

Italian Senator Roberto Rampi

Italian Senator Roberto Rampi

“This conference is a demonstration of the strength of the Iranian Resistance. We all believe in the possibility of having a free Iran. We need a free Iran for many reasons. Iran’s history is great and powerful, and the culture is strong. But nowadays, the terrible regime has made it impossible to work with other countries. 

“I ask the UN, the EU and my country to be stronger about the idea that human rights, that has to be preserved around the world, also have to be preserved in Iran. We also have to save people in Iran. [Iran’s regime] is very dangerous for the world. It is organizing terrorism around the world. 

“We believe that we will soon have a free Iran. Thank you for all you do. You have my support and the support of many people in Italy and the Italian Parliament.”

Sarah Jarábiková

Sarah Jarábiková, college student from Slovakia

“I’m here to say to the brave people in Iran that we hear you and we stand with you and the Resistance Units. We must work together to bring change. Let’s fight for the Iranian youth who are in the streets of Iran and in the prisons. We can and must change Iran together.”

Bassam al-Amoush

Bassam al-Amoush, Former Jordanian Minister of Administrative Development and Ambassador to Iran

“This regime is not only victimizing the Iranian people but the whole world. We want the Iranian people to live in freedom. The regime is an enemy. It’s a dictator. The money of the Iranian people is spent on Hezbollah. We must change the regime to make the state respectable so that it can have normal relations with its neighbors. 

“We stand with you. But this regime, we can’t deal with them.”

Mohamed Askar, Human Rights Minister of Yemen

Mohamed Askar, Human Rights Minister of Yemen

“The Iranian regime has taken over the legitimate government of Yemen and occupied institutions. The mullahs’ regime waged a war against the Yemeni people by instigating the Houthis into violence and war. Yemen is now in a state of a humanitarian crisis.

“The threat the mullahs’ regime poses to Yemen and to the region is an existential threat. This regime created militias based on sectarian affiliations, killing hundreds of thousands of Yemenis. As long as this regime remains, it will fight against human rights and democracy, and its ambitions extend across the entire region.

“The international community must put an end to the practices of this regime. The Iranian people deserve a democratic government that respects their rights and their neighbors. Mrs. Rajavi, you are our inspiration and the inspiration of all human rights activists.”

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