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Iran Protests: Isfahan Uprising in Support of the Protesting Farmers

Thousands join Isfahan’s farmers in 12th day of protests over water shortages — November 19, 2021
Thousands join Isfahan’s farmers in 12th day of protests over water shortages — November 19, 2021

Friday, November 12, 2021 — The farmers of Isfahan province held the twelfth consecutive day of strikes and protests on Friday, gathering at the dried basin of Zayandeh Rud river.

The latest round of protests began on November 8 with farmers gathering in front of the provincial water company and the regime’s state-run television.

On November 9, the protesters transferred their rally to the river’s basin. Some farmers have set up tents in the area and are remaining at the protest scene day and night.

The protests have been growing more intense and crowded in the past two weeks. During this time, people of all walks of life have joined the farmers in their demonstrations against destructive government policies. On Friday, there were thousands of protesters at Zayandeh Rud.

The people were chanting, “The people of Isfahan will rather die than give in to disgrace,” “Where is our Zayandeh Rud,” “Zayandeh Rud is our undeniable right,” and “We will not go home until we get our water back.”

Also, Protester’s chant: “Guns Tanks (are useless), Mullahs must get lost,” “Neither Gaza nor Lebanon, my life only for Iran,” “Our enemy is right here, they lie it’s America”

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), hailed the protesting people and farmers of Isfahan and said: The ruling corrupt and criminal clerical regime has only brought repression, killings, corruption, ruin, poverty, unemployment, and destruction of the country’s infrastructure.

She called on all workers, farmers and laborers, and the youth throughout Iran to rise up in support of the people and farmers of Isfahan and added: “They can obtain their rights through resistance and solidarity.”