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Iran: Interior Minister Warns About the Threat Women Pose to the Mullahs’ Regime

Iran: Women's role in Iran Protests—file photo
Iran: Women’s role in Iran Protests—file photo

“If the Revolution suffers a setback, it will be from women,” Iranian Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi said. Speaking at a women’s affairs meeting with provincial officials, Vahidi called for a “soft and hard” approach to deal with the threat of women.

“It is important to know… the enemy’s effect on the thoughts, mentality, behavior, and function of women,” Vahidi said.

Iran’s regime imposes some of the most misogynistic rules. Women are considered second-class citizens in Iran. They are deprived of basic rights, including freedom of clothing, education, employment, and participation in politics.

Accordingly, Iranian women have become a leading force in protests and anti-government movements in recent years.