Iran Freedom

Stand with Iran Protests as the Iranian People Stand for a Free Iran

Iran protests have once again ignited across Iran in recent days. Spreading protests across Iran over a cut in state subsidies on food targeted the entirety of the regime within its first hours, with slogans calling for Raisi to step down, along with chants of ‘Down with Khamenei’.

Protests began as the regime decided to cut subsidies causing up to 300% price hikes on life staples and basic goods, all while over half the population lives under the line of poverty.

Protesters have also taken to the streets demanding political freedom, an end to the regime and its corrupt leaders, with protests spreading across over 40 cities.

The protests have been met with mass crackdown and brutality, with internet shutdowns being reported, as the regime tried to cut off access of protesters to the outside world, in efforts to curb protests through suppression with open hands. Live ammunition was used against protesters, and numerous deaths have been reported.

In such critical times, it is crucial for the international community to stand by the Iranian people and not allow the regime to brutally suppress the Iranian people’s cries for freedom, by turning a blind eye.

We stand united with the Iranian people in their quest for freedom

We stand with you in face of tyranny


Join us on May 22, 2022

1730 CEST | 11:30 am EDT | 8:30 am PDT


Join us on Sunday May 22, 2022 as we come together to echo the voice of the Iranian people and protests in Iran as we call on the international community to voice support for the Iran protests and the just demands of the Iranian people.
Time and time again the Iranian people have asked the international community to take a stance with their chants of “do you stand with us or with the Mullahs? ”Let us show the brave people of Iran that we stand with them for a free and democratic Iran!


Show your support on social media during the tweetstorm on Sunday, May 22, 2022, using hashtags #IranProtests showing your solidarity with the Iranian people and calling on your government to condemn the Iranian regime’s brutal crackdown and voice support for the people’s demand for change. 

Ask others in your networks and circles to join

THANK YOU for your continuous support for a free Iran. Send us your feedback for this and future actions at!
In solidarity,
The Free Iran Campaign
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