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Iran: Iranian People Turned Fire Festivities Into Anti-Regime Protests Across the Country

Iran: Iranian People Turned Fire Festivities Into Anti-Regime Protests Across the Country

Tuesday, March 14, 2023: Iran’s nationwide uprising marked its 180th day and entered its seventh month of continuous anti-regime protests by the public demanding freedom and democracy. As people celebrated the annual “Fire Festivities” prior to Nowruz, the Iranian calendar New Year, in various parts of Tehran and other cities throughout the country, anti-regime protests erupted.

These protests were reported in many cities, including Tehran, Tabriz, Karaj, Isfahan, Zahedan, Baneh, Qom, Divandarreh, Mahabad, Sanandaj, Zanjan, Piranshahr, Saqqez, Rasht, Javanrud, Naqadeh, Kermanshah, Kamyaran, Shahre Rey, Abdanan, Izeh, Khalilshahr, Fardis, Bukan, Urmia, Taft, Takestan, Sarpole Zahab, Gorgan, and Ahvaz.

According to reports, protesters attacked the local governor’s offices in Divandarreh and Javanrud in western Iran. Activists also reported that regime security forces attacked protesters in Sanandaj and Saqqez, also located in western Iran.

In the town of Murmuri in Ilam Province, western Iran, protesters took control of their streets, and sporadic clashes between locals and regime security forces were reported.

In Zanjan, northwest Iran, protesters burned a monument erected by the regime in memory of former IRGC Quds Force chief Qassem Soleimani.

In Karaj, protesters attacked a store owned by the IRGC, further demonstrating the Iranian public’s hatred of the regime and its oppressive security apparatus.

Authorities in the cities of Mahabad, Saqqez, and throughout Tehran Province were observed deploying security units into the streets and calling for reinforcements to prevent the anti-regime protests from escalating into major unrest.