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Halt! No more fake news by Iran regime!

PMOI : Der Spiegel and the story of the deceitful reporter

Claas Relotius, a mendacious journalist who was able to make public opinion and media giants vulnerable to the release of fake news.

Consequently the German Journalists’ Union (DJU), called the case “the biggest fraud scandal in journalism since the Hitler diaries” that Germany’s Stern magazine published in 1983 and were later found to be forgeries.

Undoubtedly, when the demonizing campaign against the MEK/PMOI by media such as Guardian, Independent, MSNBC, Al Jazeera and English Channel 4 would be disclosed, the situation would become even more abhorrent.


The Iranian regime has a long history of spreading fake news aimed at demonizing the pivotal organization of the Iranian resistance, PMOI/MEK.

As a specific we can point to the spreadof fake news by these media about Somayeh Mohammadi. These fake news claimed that she was forcibly kept in the PMOI, the organization that she is a member of. Somayeh has rejected the claims based on verifiable documents in her book.