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Psychological warfare; other side of the coin of mullahs’ oppressive apparatus

The Iranian regime, stuck in the dilemma of domestic and international crises, sees its survival in the annihilation of the Iranian resistance. Regime’s terror plots and psychological warfare campaign to demonize the MEK/PMOI and the Iranian resistance are nothing new. But in past years, these actions of the regime, and the MEK revelations of them were ignored due to the appeasement policy.

For this dirty psychological warfare against the MEK, the mullahs regime is bringing into its service the media outlets and social networks as well as fraudulent propaganda system both inside the country and abroad.

The foiled bombing plot which aimed the grand gathering of the Iranian resistance in France in June 2018, masterminded by Assadollah Asadi, regime’s terrorist diplomat and the deliverer of the bomb, as well as the revelation of mullahs regime’s fake accounts on Tweeter for enhancing psychological warfare and demonizing the MEK, once more underscores this truth that the root of all the devilish allegations against the NCRI and the MEK/PMOI lies in the hands of the religious fascism ruling Iran.

The psychological warfare in our era is achieved by the misuse of social media, the dissemination of fake news, the allocation of funds for biased and false reports, and even the recruitment of journalists directly or through intermediaries.

Given the importance of this issue, the role of media in our time should be broadcasting and publishing real news. In describing this psychological warfare, Professor Ivan Sascha Sheehan and Dr. Alejo Vidal-Quadras have disclosed important facts in their articles about the role of some media outlets and their cooperation with the Iranian regime. This helps in knowing the dimensions of this demonization.

Professor Ivan Sascha Sheehan has explained in his article how these news organizations were selected as a tool for conducting psychological warfare. He has also reasoned the increase of this demonizing campaigns.

In his article, Dr. Alejo Vidal-Quadras has laid out the process of using fake news and the conduct of psychological war at the international level by the regime.

The truth is that to continue its callous rule and to lay the ground for its terror operations and to deceive the public, the mullahs regime misuses, full force, the global media, social networks and diplomatic elements. It disseminates fake news through media such as the Guardian.

It is for years that the Iranian resistance has been disclosing this psychological warfare, representing specific documents and information showing the connection of such media and journalists with the MOIS.

But the appeasement policy of the west has ignored them all. Now that era is over.

The people of Iran, alongside their resistance units of the MEK networks are changing the political and social scene of Iran. The advancement of the mullahs regime’s true and legitimate alternative is tightening the international noose along the neck of this regime. Therefore, the clerical regime will not be able to change its destiny, though it fuels this psychological warfare by hiring the so-called journalists and media, and spreading fake news affecting the public opinion of the world. No doubt, the regime’s end is within reach. Iranian people’s determination, which is proved in their continuous protests and uprisings, as well as the activities of resistance units.