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Ben-Oni Ardelean Speech in MEK Free Iran Rally in Albania

MEK / PMOI Free Iran rally in Albania – Ben-Oni Ardelean, Member of Chamber of Deputies of Romania supported MEK and Maryam Rajavi’s plan for a free and democratic Iran, July 13, 2019

Ben-Oni Ardelean: Madame Rajavi, dear friends, we are very honored to be here tonight and we never lost our hope to be here year after year, believing, hoping that one day the brutal regime, the criminal regime of Tehran were going to fall. And I’m saying this knowing what means a brutal regime. Thirty years ago, myself and my friends that we are from Romania, we lived under a very criminal and brutal regime.

Ben-Oni Ardelean: It was dark all of the way. People were starving. A lot of persecutions, a lot of people were killing in the prisons and outside the prisons. And all of this brutal regime, it seems to all of us that it would never end.  But it came one day, 30 years ago, when the people stood for their beliefs in freedom, for their belief in democracy. I mean those days it happened, the brutal regime was gone. This is our hope, that very soon the brutal regime, the criminal regime, were going to fall.

Ben-Oni Ardelean: There is an important saying telling that faith, love, and hope are everlasting. Your love for the people in Iran is motivating you and us to do what we do every single day to fight against this terrorism, this criminal regime that is over there living the country .Your hope brings you here year after year. Our hope is that one day very soon this regime is going to fall. And more than that, our faith that we do what’s the best for our nations, but it’s also what we do for every single human being that deserve freedom and to enjoy freedom in all the corners of our world.

Ben-Oni Ardelean: I want to especially thank those of different nations that are here represented today that we all together do what we can do in order to ensure that this freedom will come for the Iranian people. I know it is very important what United States is doing right now.  And I hope more nations will come to this conclusion that we all have to do our best in order to have the full freedom for the Iranian people. Mrs. Rajavi, it’s a great honor and privilege and we congratulate you for a great and strong leadership. We support you in all your endeavors. We want to do the best we can in order to see this regime go away. Freedom for Iranian people.  Thank you.