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Bloomfield’s speech at Free Iran rally

On July 13, 2019, the Iranian Resistance held their annual Free Iran rally at Ashraf 3, Albania, which is where the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) have their headquarters.

There, former U.S. Ambassador Lincoln Bloomfield gave a speech, praising the MEK and opposition Leader Maryam Rajavi, where he said that Ashraf 3 was “a symbol to the regime in Tehran” that they would never be able to stop the resistance.

Bloomfield then spoke about the “curtain of obscurity”, which the regime uses to publish fake news about the MEK to discredit them, even getting them labeled as terrorists in three countries. (A status revoked in all three by 2012.) Nowadays, the regime, unable to prove their fake terror charge, refers to the MEK as a cult; a notion deemed ridiculous by anyone that has spent any time with MEK members, as many journalists, politicians, and human rights advocates have over the years.

He said: “The obscuring curtain has been removed today. If all of you go back to your countries, never again should we hear the allegation of cult. It is gone forever. You are free. It’s finished.”

Bloomfield moved onto the ridiculous allegation that the MEK was violating the human rights of their people, noting that all human rights abuses suffered by the MEK have been directly or indirectly at the hands of the Iranian mullahs, something showcased in the exhibitions at the conference.

He said: “It is the gross abuse of human rights. It is the crimes against humanity that are documented not only in your exhibits here but in your personal stories. Right now the curtain of obscurity on human rights has been completely stripped away. Not only are the residents, people of free will, speaking for themselves with courage and with honor, dedicated to their countrymen of Iran, but they bear witness as Director [Louie] Freeh said so well. They are the evidence that this regime is a monstrous regime, as Ingrid Betancourt said, that must be brought to account.”

Bloomfield then praised the women of the MEK, saying that they were indeed “stronger” than him in terms of courage and conviction, having made great sacrifices on behalf of their country’s freedom.

He said: “These were the actions of people who are stronger than me, who have a major part, who have a mission in life and who have made a choice and they are dedicated to keeping that choice. “

Bloomfield said that this was the time to move Iran forward and hold the regime to account.

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Bloomfield’s speech at Free Iran rally