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Iran: MEK Resistance Units Say the Overthrow of Ali Khamenei Is Certain

Activities of the MEK Resistance Units in various cities of Iran against the mullahs' regime—December 2021
Activities of the MEK Resistance Units in various cities of Iran against the mullahs’ regime—December 2021

December 10, 2021PMOI/MEK Resistance Units support the uprising in Isfahan. The network of Mojahedin Khalgh (MEK) inside Iran install posters of Iranian Resistance leader Massoud Rajavi and President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) Maryam Rajavi in public places, distributing their messages.

PMOI/MEK Resistance Units encourage people to continue their protests and uprising and say that all Iran are with protesters in Isfahan.

Tehran— “The overthrow of our inhumane enemy is certain”
Tehran— “We can, and we must free our occupied nation through rebellion and uprising”
Damghan— “The people across the country who have risen for water and freedom will support [Isfahan and Shahr-e Kord]”
Damghan— “Iranian people’s yearning for freedom will be realized through uprisings & overthrowing the regime”
Tehran— “Hail to brave students who choose the path of rebellion and fight [against the dictatorship]”
Tehran— “We must take back Iran from criminal mullahs”
Mashhad— “Uprising for water and freedom must continue at any cost. If Isfahan resists, all of Iran will rise to support”
Mashhad— “The people of Isfahan will not be intimidated. Those who broke Shah’s martial law will also respond to the mullahs rule and its forces ”
Shiraz— “We must fight more and take back Iran”
Tehran— “We support Isfahan uprising. Down with Khamenei and Raisi. Viva the army of freedom. Viva Rajavi.”
Tehran— “We support Isfahan uprising. Down with the dictator”
Tehran— “Isfahan is not alone. We support Isfahan uprising”
Zahedan— “Massoud Rajavi! Count on me as a member of Resistance Unit. I will be ready until the overthrow of the regime.”
Zahedan— “We the Resistance Units support people of Isfahan. Down with Khamenei and Raisi.”
Tabriz— “There is no force that can confront rebellion youths and a risen nation”
Tehran— “Join the MEK Resistance Units.”
Tehran— “Isfahan is not alone. Iran is our home…”
Tabriz— “Isfahan is not alone”
Mashhad— “The only solution is to end the tyrannical regime”
Isfahan— “We support Isfahan uprising. Isfahan is not alone. Member of Resistance Units from Isfahan. I’m ready.”
Karaj— “…The day of revenge is near”
Karaj— “On the Student Day, we support the uprising in Isfahan and Chahar Mahal, down with Khamenei and Raisi. Viva Rajavi.”
Karaj— “We are ready to support the people of Isfahan. Damn the Iranian regime.”
Karaj— “There is a victorious effort to expand the uprising in Iran’s cities. Mullahs and Shah’s dictatorship are two sides of the same coin.”
Arak— “Resistance Units across Iran say Isfahan is not alone. Dictators must know that Resistance Units support their people and will fight for water and freedom. Viva PMOI/MEK.”
Ahvaz— “Hail to the people of Isfahan, PMOI/MEK, and the Iranian people. We support each other and got each other’s backs. Down with Khamenei and Raisi and the Iranian regime. Hail to Rajavi and all PMOI/MEK members”
Ahvaz— “Iranian people’s yearning for freedom will be realized through uprisings & overthrowing the regime…”
Ardabil— “Ali Khamenei thinks he can put out the fire of uprising by slaughtering people. He is wrong. Isfahan is not alone and all of Iran is with Isfahan.”
Ardabil— “We support Isfahan uprising. Isfahan is not alone. Iran is Isfahan.”
Ardabil— “Isfahan is not alone…”
Behbahan— “Isfahan is not alone. You the oppressive forces who shoot at people by the order of Khamenei! Soon, you will be prosecuted by the anger of people. Down with Khamenei. Viva Rajavi and PMOI/MEK.”
Sanandaj— “Isfahan is not alone. Uprising will continue.”
Sari— “Isfahan is not alone. We support the brave people of Isfahan and uprising will continue”
Takestan— “Our people have chosen to free the beautiful nation of Iran”
Tehran— “Uprisings will continue until the dictatorship is up”
Tehran— “We will answer fire with fire”
Tehran— “The Iranian people are aware and hate both Shah and mullahs.”
Tehran— “Down with the oppressor, be it the Shah or Ali Khamenei…”
Rasht— “Down with the oppressor”
Rasht— “Down with Khamenei”
Rasht— “Damn Khomeini”
Ardabil— “Down with Khamenei, viva Rajavi.”

“The initiatives of students, is groundbreaking in the fight against Ali Khamenei

December 6, 2021PMOI/MEK Resistance Units in Iran honor the Student Day in Iran. The PMOI/MEK network also honored the students killed during the 1988 massacre of 30,000 political prisoners and those killed during the Nov. 2019 uprising.
Student Day marks the day three students at University of Tehran were murdered by the Shah regime on December 7, 1953.

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