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Iran’s Regime Killed Sattar Beheshti, the Son of Gohar Eshghi, and Is Now Trying to Kill Her as Well

Iran’s regime killed her son—now they’re trying to kill her

On Thursday, December 9, 2021, Gohar Eshghi was attacked by two motorcyclists on her way to her son’s grave.

Eshghi was badly wounded and lost consciousness. She was transferred to a hospital for care. Eshghi’s son, Sattar Beheshti, a blogger, was arrested by Iranian authorities in 2012 for publishing anti-regime material. Several days later, Behesthi died under torture in the notorious Evin prison.

Since her son’s death, Eshghi has become a vocal critic of the regime. She is regularly persecuted by the regime’s security apparatus. She suffered a heart attack when her home was raided in November.

Eshghi was among the signatories of a letter calling for the resignation of supreme leader Ali Khamenei in 2019.