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#FreeIranTelethon, Freeing Iran One Call at a Time

26th Free Iran Telethon in support of IranNTV(Simaye Azadi)
26th Free Iran Telethon in support of IranNTV(Simaye Azadi)

From January 14th-16th the Iranian diaspora will hold the 26th Free Iran Telethon in support of IranNTV, the first Persian satellite television and a pioneer in creating a bridge of communication between Iran and the world.

IranNTV (Simaye Azadi), is a commercial free television station, solely dedicated to echoing the voice of freedom in Iran, dubbed the “light of our homes” by millions of Iranians inside Iran and abroad.

As a prelude to the telethon, Iranians plan to take to social media in a tweetstorm, coming together to voice gratitude and support for Iran NTV; strengthening the call for a free Iran.

Voice your solidarity with the Iranian people

as they stand in face of tyranny


Join us on Jan 9, 2022

1730 CET | 11:30 am EST | 8:30 am PST 



  • Show your support on social media during the tweetstorm on Sunday using hashtag #FreeIranTelethon; show your solidarity with the Iranian people and IranNTV, the voice of the Iranian people’s struggle for freedom. 
  • Join the social media challenge with a selfie, ask your friends and family, co-workers and followers to join in the campaign by sharing short messages or images of why they support the #FreeIranTelethon campaign, sample posters to print and write your message for the selfie can be found here!
  • Make a pledge for decades Iranians inside and abroad and freedom loving people around the world have kept the voice of resistance alive through their financial contributions, allowing this movement to stand independent on its own two feet. Every pledge is valued and brings us one step closer to a free Iran. Visit here to make a pledge today 

To follow the telethon, tune in from Jan 14th 1500 CET in the 3-day show of solidarity

for Persian follow IranNTV on TwitterFacebook & Instagram

for English follow on IranFreedom

Don’t forget to make a pledge as every donation brings us one step closer to turning the dream of a free Iran into reality.

THANK YOU for continuing this new path of activism for a free Iran with us, and send us your feedback for this and future actions at [email protected]org!

In solidarity,

The Free Iran Campaign