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We Can and We Must Free Iran, Take Action: Free Iran World Summit 2022

Be the Voice of #FreeIran2022

I took an action on Action Network called Free Iran World Summit 2022.

Stand with the Iranian people as they risk their lives to defeat a brutal dictatorship. Echo the voices of millions living under tyranny. Send a message of hope and solidarity to those fighting for freedom, democracy, and a free democratic Iran.

In an era where ‘Resistance’ had in time turned to a thing of the past and the world saw diplomacy and appeasement as the only path forward in turbulent times, against tyrannical regimes, there were those who chose to stand and resist with one motto:

We Can & We Must!

Believing that if we stand, the world will stand with us!

Through their determination, resistance units were born, fear was broken, and continuous Iran protests took center stage, showcasing the resilience of the Iranian people in their unwavering quest for freedom.

Resistance can’t be extinguished. Refracting light will only enhance its brightness!

And now it’s your chance to be a part of this history in the making because resistance is the need of all who seek liberation.

Mobilize activists worldwide to join us at the Free Iran World Summit, online and in-person, 23-24 July 2022.

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Say it publicly and proudly: #FreeIran2022

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