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MEK march in Stockholm,Sweden

MEK march in Stockholm,Sweden

Iranians continue to join Kungstradgarden since this morning in preparation to join the MEK march in Stockholm “theFree Iran Rally” scheduled to begin at 14hrs. This is the fourth consecutive rally in Europe and the United-States with the opening in Brussels on June 15, followed by a second rally in Washington DC in front of the White House on June 21 and a huge rally of 15000 people in Berlin on July 6.

Beginning with July 11, a five day series of conferences and gatherings on Iran was held in Albania at Ashraf3, residence to members of the MEK and headquarters of the Iranian resistance outside the country.

Former French Human Rights Minister Rama Yade

MEK march in Stockholm
Former French Human Rights Minister Rama Yade delivering a speech at the MEK march in Stockholm held by Iranians in support of regime change in Iran by the Iranian people – July 20, 2019

I’m coming from Ashraf 3. In Ashraf 3 I saw the impossible. A moved woman stands in front of you. This city was built in less than two years, in the middle of nowhere. You have proved through that amazing master work in Ashraf that the same could one day be done in Iran. It took your suffering and your hope and your discipline, but it was also because of your thousands of martyrs that Ashraf exists today. 

We saw pictures of hundreds of young people who were killed by the regime, the people who were killed in the massacre in Ashraf in Iraq, the victims of 1988 massacre. Ashraf 3 is a land of hope. Ashraf 3 is a reminder of the desire of the Iranian people for change. The demonstrations in Iran show what the Iranian people want: democracy, not dictatorship; freedom, not terror. We have to listen to those screams.

The international community was skeptical of the protests, they did not recognize the revolution. They did not listen to the voices of the Iranian people? Why? Because of a nuclear agreement that is dead and buried. They didn’t recognize that you can’t negotiate with this regime.

This regime has triggered a nuclear arms race and is posing a threat of fundamentalism. You can’t negotiate with this regime. At a time where the world seeks a solution to Iran, we must think of an alternative. I think it is the PMOI. The Iranian resistance has identifed this threat long ago. Its members have paid the price. You have proven that Islam matches its principles. You are supporting gender equality, freedom of religion. PMOI knows what women have brought to Iran. Iran would not have been a great civilization without women. Women have been standing in the streets and squares, women and sisters and mothers. They go to jail, they accept harm to themselves.

Your commitment is an extraordinary, a powerful daily act of faith and determination. Thanks to you, change is coming. This incredible change has the strong voice and the beautiful face of a role model, president Maryam Rajavi.

Iranian opposition NCRI President Maryam Rajavi

MEK march in Stockholm
Iranian opposition NCRI President Maryam Rajavi sent a video speech to the MEK march in Stockholm – July 20, 2019

“The time has come for putting an end to the appeasement of the religious fascism in Iran. There are no more excuses for overlooking the enemy of the people of Iran. No longer can anyone claim that the regime has no alternative, and that this regime is better for the people of Iran,” said Iranian opposition NCRI President Maryam Rajavi.

“The myth of moderation of this regime, illusions about any likely reforms in it, and constructive and critical dialogue with it, no longer deceive anyone. The Iranian Resistance has paid the heaviest price to prove that such claims are but hollow,” she added.

MEK march in Stockholm

“The roaring blood of the martyrs and the Iranian people’s steadfastness and uprisings have driven the Velayat-e Faqih regime to the end of the line. It has brought about a disgraceful defeat for the policy of appeasement of the mullahs’ evil rule,” Mrs. Rajavi continued.

“Now that Finland is president of the European Union, it must focus EU sanctions on the regime’s main levers against freedom, and against its terrorism and suppression, namely Khamenei’s office, the Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS)… The regime’s mercenaries must be tried, punished and expelled,” the Iranian opposition President emphasized.

“Nordic countries, all the Europe, and the world must recognize the right of the people of Iran for resistance to overthrow the clerical regime and establish democracy and popular sovereignty,” Mrs. Rajavi concluded.

Kimo Sassi, former Finnish Minister of European Affairs

MEK march in Stockholm
Kimo Sassi, former Finnish Minister of European Affairs, at the MEK march in Stockholm – July 20, 2019

“The regime of mullahs in Tehran is one of the most brutal governments in the world. There’s no possibility for opposition inside Iran. Hundreds of people are executed every year,” said Kimo Sassi, former Finnish Minister of European Affairs.

“The regime tries to attack opposition gatherings. Today’s Iran is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. There are no rules for the IRGC. Yesterday, they hijacked a Swedish vessel in international waters,” he continued.

“The people of Iran are suffering. That’s why there are huge demonstrations in the country. The people want to change the government. It’s very important that there’s a ten-point plan for democracy and freedom in Iran, by Madam Rajavi. The Swedish foreign minister should show solidarity with Mrs. Rajavi,” Mr. Sassi added.

“We were in Ashraf 3 and we saw the strength of the Iranian opposition. The work they’re doing in Ashraf 3 is very important. There’s no freedom of press in Iran, and the people in that camp are giving true information to the people of Iran,” he emphasized.

“The European Union must impose sanctions against the office of Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, the IRGC and MOIS. Those sanctions will be very important at this stage. Mrs. Rajavi also urged government to pressure the Iranian regime to open its prisons. Nordic governments should be very active in this respect,” Mr. Sassi further highlighted.

“There’s only one solution for Iran. It is regime change. We are gathered here today to say that we and the people of Iran are the force of change,” he concluded.

Italian Senator Lucio Malan

MEK march in Stockholm
Italian Senator Lucio Malan at the MEK march in Stockholm – July 20, 2019

“We must support Mrs. Rajavi. I call on European authorities: Stop appeasing the mullahs’ regime, a regime that kills the people of Iran, destabilizes the Middle East with its terrorism and also threatens the world,” said Italian Senator Lucio Malan.

“I call upon the European Commission chief to listen to Mrs. Rajavi, to 40 million Iranian women who are tired of this regime that hates the women of this country. There must be a new policy. Expel the agents of this regime from Europe and support those who want to change this regime,” he added.

“This is a call to all those who have responsibility in Europe to support a free Iran,” the Italian Senator concluded.

Swedish politician Mandres ostrashun

MEK march in Stockholm
Swedish MP Magnus Oscarsson at the MEK march in Stockholm – July 20, 2019

“We want to tell the people inside Iran that they’re not alone in their fight against repression. The Swedish government must do more to support them,” said Swedish politician … 

Edvarð Júlíus Sólnes, Icelandic politician and former government minister

Edvarð Júlíus Sólnes, Icelandic politician and former government minister, at the Stockholm demonstration – July 20, 2019

“It’s impossible to imagine how you could have built Ashraf 3, this beautiful place, in 20 months,” said former Iceland minister …

“The appeasement policy has failed. Western governments are happy to have signed the nuclear agreement with the mullahs, and are willing to push other issues such as human rights violations, under the carpet—if it makes money for them. It’s horrible,” he added.

“It is time for European countries to change their policy toward Iran… There have been many resolutions that have condemned the human rights violations in Iran. I say to my foreign minister: go ahead and formulate a new resolution to condemn the mullahs,” Mr. … concluded.

Irish Senator Gerry Horkan

MEK march in Stockholm
Irish Senator Gerry Horkan at the MEK march in Stockholm – July 20, 2019

“I had the privilege to meet many members of the Iranian Resistance in Ashraf 3. The events in Ashraf 3 were learning experiences,” said Irish Senator Gerry Horkan.

“The regime’s repression is failing. Resistance Units continue to mobilize anti-regime protests and chant ‘Death to Dictator.’ I’m here to call on the Swedish government and the broader EU to stand with the Iranian Resistance and its leader Madam Rajavi,” he added.

“The EU must abandon its appeasement policy and adopt a firm policy toward Iran… I support the 10-point platform of Madam Rajavi and NCRI. The NCRI and Madam Rajavi are trailblazers for a better and prosperous Iran,” Senator Horkan continued.

“The religious dictatorship in Iran is a great threat not only to Iran but also to the Middle East region… The EU must end the impunity the regime has enjoyed in the past decades. It can do this by recognizing the 1988 massacre as a crime against humanity and bring its perpetrators to justice. Next, it must designate the IRGC and MOIS as terrorist entities. It is necessary to push back against the regime both at home and across the world,” he further stressed.

“The people of Iran will shape the future of Iran. You are here to give voice to their legitimate demands,” Senator Horkan concluded.

Irish Senator John Perry

MEK march in Stockholm
Irish Senator John Perry at MEK march in Stockholm – July 20, 2019

“Yesterday, we saw that the Iranian regime is a threat to the world. The regime thinks it can extract more concessions by taking our ships hostage,” said Irish Senator John Perry.

“In the past four decades, this regime has been terrorizing its own citizens with impunity. Many of you are victims of that regime,” he added.

“I had the honor to visit Ashraf 3. We met the residents. We spoke to PMOI members. We listened to your inspiring leader Mrs. Maryam Rajavi. With the dedication of the residents of Ashraf 3 and the leadership of Madam Rajavi, I have no doubt that you will achieve freedom and democracy for your people,” Sen. Perry added.

“Many international dignitaries have called on the EU to abandon the appeasement policy toward the regime and hold its leaders to account for their atrocities. I call for a European policy that supports the aspirations of the Iranian people for freedom,” he stressed.

“I call on the Swedish government to support the democratic alternative to this regime,” Sen. Perry concluded.

NCRI delegation

NCRI Secretariat Mahnaz Salimian

MEK march in Stockholm
NCRI Secretariat Mahnaz Salimian at MEK march in Stockholm – July 20, 2019

“We are here to send a strong message to all those who are still dreaming of appeasing the Iranian regime and are thinking of constructive dialog wit this regime. The first and last word of resistance units and the youth of Iran is the downfall of this regime,” said NCRI Secretariat Mahnaz Salimian.

“This regime is trapped in a dead end and has no way out. The people of Iran and the Iranian Resistance are ready to answer to this situation. We call on European countries, the Swedish government, that we don’t want anything but ending the appeasement policy and standing by the side of the Iranian people,” she added.

“For the Iranian people, any relation with the MOIS and the IRGC and the regime in its entirety is a red line that must not be crossed. The MOIS and IRGC must be designated as terrorist organizations. All of the regime’s embassies must be closed and its diplomats expelled. The perpetrators of the 1988 massacre must be held to account,” Ms. Salimian concluded. “The regime must be expelled from the international community.”

Parviz Khazaii, NCRI envoy in Nordic countries

Parviz Khazaii, NCRI envoy in Nordic countries at the MEK march in Stockholm – July 20, 201

“We, the people of Iran, have the right to resist, to have a resistance base such as Ashraf 3, and to have a leadership like Iranian Resistance leader Massoud Rajavi and NCRI President Maryam Rajavi, just as Europeans had great resistance leaders,” said Parviz Khazaii, NCRI envoy in Nordic countries.

“These mullahs are not only the enemy of Iran, but also the enemy of other countries across the world. They are using the name of Islam, but they have nothing to do with this religion,” he added.

“This regime is the number one enemy of humanity. Today, the Iranian people are at the forefront of the fight for humanity, because fundamentalism is going to expand culturally and militarily in the Middle East. It is threatening the stability and security of the world, it is threatening our democracies. This regime wants to destroy democracy just as Hitler and Mussolini sought to,” Mr. Khazaii stressed.

“To European governments, stop appeasing this mullahs as former UK prime minister Neville Chamberlain,” he concluded. 

Mohammad Ali Tohidi, chair of the NCRI Defense and Strategic Research Committee

 MEK march in Stockholm
NCRI member Mohammad Ali Tohidi in Nordic countries at MEK march in Stockholm – July 20, 2019

“This demonstration is part of an international campaign to realize the toppling of the mullahs’ regime. The mullahs’ regime resorts to any measures to survive. Our campaign is the only method to overcome the threat of fundamentalism,” said Mohammad Ali Tohidi, chair of the NCRI Defense and Strategic Research Committee.

“The blood of our martyrs and the suffering of our prisoners will ensure our victory. We call on European government to stand with the Iranian people and to stop their appeasement policy and to expel the agents of the Iranian regime in their countries,” Mr. Tohidi concluded.