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US senators and members of congress express support for Iranian protestors

US senators and members of congress express support for Iranian protestors

By Staff

Protests in Iran continue and more than 450 people, including several children, were indiscriminately shot and killed by the IRGC, Bassij, undercover intelligence agents and the police.

Also, at least 4,000 people were shot and injured and more than 10,000 were arrested, many of them after they were shot. Arrested protesters are under severe torture to make false confessions. Meanwhile, the protests in Iran continue to garner the support of dignitaries and politicians across the world. US lawmakers are expressing their support for the just demands of the Iranian protesters.

Senators and members of Congress from both sides of the aisle have expressed their support for the protesters as exercising their right to freedom of speech and assembly and called on the Iranian government to end a media and communications blackout.

Following are statements made by Senators and members of Congress who announced their support for protesters in Iran:

Senator Ted Cruz from Texas

To the people of Iran peacefully protesting: America stands with you against the oppressive regime. We will hold accountable those behind the violent crackdowns.

Senator Bob Menendez from New Jersey

As people peacefully assemble across the Middle East, this weekend in Iran, governments must respect the rights of their citizens to protest and express themselves.

Sen Ron Johnson chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee

Continuing to follow the protests by the Iranian people. The U.S. condemns the violence committed by the Iranian regime against peaceful protestors.  The world is watching.

Hillary Clinton former foreign minister and Democratic Party presidential candidate

The reports of crackdowns on protesters, overflowing hospitals, and internet blackouts in Iran are very disturbing. The situation calls for investigations and accountability.

Senator Roger Wicker for Mississippi. Chairman of  Senate Commerce

Tehran’s single-minded pursuit of nuclear weapons and support of terrorism have had disastrous effects on Iran’s economy, and their citizens have noticed. The United States will stand with the Iranian people as they protest their government’s actions.

Tim Kaine U.S. Senator from Virginia

“Authorities in Iran have shut down the nation’s internet. Reports indicate at least a dozen people have been killed, more injured, and over 1000 have been arrested.

Nancy Pelosi speaker of the House:

Reports that more than 100 protestors have been killed by Iranian security forces raise serious concerns. All Iranians should be able to make their voices heard without fear of reprisal. Iran must immediately restore full internet access and allow all to speak out.

Brad Sherman member of Congress

Maybe 200 dead, thousands injured and arrested, and no internet for at least five days in the continuing Iran Protests. This is unacceptable. The Iranian regime must end the communications blackout and stop the killings now.

Lois Frankel Representative from Florida

The Iranian regime has shut down nearly all internet access in the country and is clamping down on growing protests.

We must hold the regime accountable for its continued human rights violations and show solidarity with the people of Iran crying out for a better future.

Michael McCaul member of congress from Texas

The right of the Iranian people to assemble must be respected. The Iranian regime must end its violence against its citizens & restore internet access throughout the country immediately.

Eliot Engel, Chair of House Foreign Affairs Committee

I condemn the Iranian regime’s use of violence against protestors and internet shutoff. Iranians must be allowed to peacefully protest and freely communicate.

 Kevin McCarthy representative of California

This week, Iranians stood up to an oppressive government and sent a resounding message heard around the world that there is no substitute for liberty. To the people of Iran: The United States has heard you and stands with you.

In addition to US Senate and member of congress the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) a global voice of working people, which representing the rights and interests of 200 million workers in 163 countries expressed its support for Iranian protestors too

(ITUC) condemns the brutal suppression of nationwide protests by the authorities, which has cost more than 250 lives. Instead, governments should support and respect their people by tackling the root causes of popular anger.