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Georges Henri: Don’t forget what’s happened in Villepinte on 30th of June

Georges Henri Beauthier: Don’t forget what’s happened in Villepinte on 30th of June

Thank you, thank you,

I would be short, two minutes, because the investigation is secret. First of all, we are with William Bourdon in Paris, we have a panel with three lawyers to defend the NCRI. Because I defend you for more than twenty years, and now we approached the public evidence, that I will not say anything else. We will let judicial debate. It would be public. Everybody can see what happened in Villepinte, what happens now in Germany and what will happen in Antwerp.

We asked to see to file following the Belgium procedure, and we will see the file perhaps next week, perhaps in 20 days, we will see the file. We will have an important meeting with the judge of investigation and the federal persecutor of the federal justice of Brussels, and we will work together.

We agree that the civil party, your organization, all the members of the parliament will take place in this procedure. So it would be a democratic debate in front of the judicial Antwerp criminal’s penal case

The judge of investigation is not specialist with Iran case. We have to help and we have to give some food to this file, but if nobody speaks about that in two weeks, two months, it would be a shame, it would be a drama for the case.

So we have to be aware that press, human organization have to speak, have to write have to do something with this case.

Silence vis-à-vis terrorism is the most damaging form of appeasement policy

Don’t forget what’s happened in Villepinte on 30th of June. Don’t forget that for the first time, like that Eric David said, the government cannot say we have to transmit Assadollah Assadi to Iran. No, it’s not the rule of the government! It’s the rule only of the judiciary. And that’s a first important file that we can win in front of the public opinion to demonstrate what happened in Villepinte on 30th of June. Thank you.