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Mohaddessin: All the Iranian intelligence officers, spies and agents should be expelled from E.U

Mohaddessin: All the Iranian intelligence officers, spies and agents should be expelled from E.U

Thank you very much, ladies and gentleman. After Lord Carlile and Senator Torricelli, I have no choice to speak here.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have witnessed during last month’s remarkable search in terrorist activities of Iranian regime outside Iran against its opposition, People’s Mojahedin Organization (MEK) of Iran.

The regime is after a major operation which will deliver a big blow to a major blow to the opposition, PMOI. Including the followings:

First, in March, there was a plot against PMOI members in Albania and the plot was failed.

Second, there was the plot to bomb the international free Iran gathering in Paris on June 30th. Asadollah Assadi, the main commander of this operation was arrested in Germany. He was the third chancellor in the Iranian regime’s embassy in Vienna.

He was the station chief of the Iranian intelligence ministry in Austria. Austria is the main center of intelligence ministry of the Iranian regime in European countries. This said operation, two Iranian’s intelligence ministry agents have been arrested in the United States when they were targeting members of PMOI, Iranian opposition in the United States.

The operation in Albania was designed to take place during the Persian New Year celebration, Noruz in March, when the PMOI members where gathering in Celebration Noruz.

A car bomb was to be used to inflict maximum casualties at the gathering. Two agents of the Intelligence Ministry, who were posing themselves as journalists, were arrested in Albania for this operation.

According to a specific information from within the regime, the decision to carry out the Paris operation, the operation in Villepinte, was taken in January 2018 in the Supreme National Security Council, headed by Hassan Rouhani, the president of the regime. All the major national security decisions are made by this body. The permanent members of this body are the president of the regime, the foreign minister, the Iranian intelligence minister, and the commander of Quds Force, Ghasem Soleimani, the commander of the Revolutionary Guard and other major security and political officials leading the regime.

This plan which approved by the Supreme Security Council of the regime, this plan was approved by Khamenei himself. The order for the operation was given in March to the intelligence ministry. The decision was made by supernatural Security Council, then approved by Khamenei, and then the order was given to the Iranian intelligence minister to implement.

The department within the M.I.S, the Iranian intelligence ministry was responsible for terrorist activities outside Iran in Europe and US, is called: organization of foreign intelligence and movements.

This is one of the most important departments within the MIS. It is responsible for terror operations outside Iran. Intelligence station of the regime in foreign countries including those within the regime’s embassies are under the supervision of this organization. The head of this organization is Reza Amiri Moghaddam. He is the top security official reporting directly to the Iranian intelligence minister, Mahmoud Allavi. This master of terrorism, he also has a close relationship with Foreign Minister Javad Zarif.

He plays a key role in the regime’s terrorist activities in Europe and the US. According to our information, both Amiri and Assadi were involved in the case of Iraq and the Iranian regime’s terrorist operations in Iraq between 2003 and 2008. These two were involved in terrorist attacks against PMOI, Ashraf people and also they were involved in terrorist attacks against American and multinational forces in Iraq.

There is a sudden search in the Iranian regime’s terrorist operation. In last month there was Iranian people uprising, which has been started late last December 2017, and has continued in different shapes and forms throughout 2018.

Washington Times reveals the Iranian regime’s fake news against the MEK

The regime has found its survival in increasing terrorism against its opposition, especially PMOI, in parallel with suppression. Despite to the brutal suppression in the past nine months, the PMOI has been able to continue to protest and uprising so close links they use. In August alone, One hundred and one thousand young protesters were arrested.

Since September, more than 40 people have been executed. What is happening in the terrorism area is a part of this strategy by the regime.

The key question is, what is the proper response to such behavior by a rogue regime?

The second day before yesterday a French diplomatic source said to Reuters and other news agencies, I am quoting that diplomatic source, “Investigation by our intelligence services enabled us to reach the conclusion without any doubt that responsibility fell on the Iranian intelligence ministry and the deputy minister of intelligence had all there is to use this operation.

Thus, the efforts of the mullahs and their agents in order to blame this terrorist plot on the rogue agents within the regime and to acquit Khamenei and Rouhani and Zarif just now has failed. It is no longer possible Rouhani who were beyond this bombing plot, are a different kind as if they were not responsible and they were not aware for the state terrorism and were not born of religious fascism just now, this story has been finished.

There is no doubt left that the Ministry of Intelligence, run by a minister who was handpicked by Rouhani himself, was totally involved in a major terrorist operation in the heart of Europe. By such an operation and the operation in Albania in March, the Iranian regime is violating the sovereignty of the European countries in a blatant way. This should not be tolerated.

This cleric regime is exploiting the nuclear agreement to hold hostage, Europe’s policy on some of the most fundamental and vital issues. We have always emphasized over the past three decades that the suppression and export of terrorism and warmongering, are guarantees for the survival of the regime, without which, it cannot survive and all the factions of the regime are partners in suppression and terrorism.

It is a very telling that the explosive that Javad Zarif’s diplomat tried to use, were the same material the same type of explosive materials that was used by ISIS in France and Belgium during last two years.

Now after three decades of appeasement and after what we have witnessed the E.U. Council of Ministers, in this city, at its next session, should put the following steps on their agenda. At least the following steps, these are the preliminary steps to confront terrorism by Iranian regime.

  1. All the intelligence officers, spies and agents of the Iranian regime should be expelled from E.U. countries, from European soil.
  2. The EU and the member states should blacklist and freeze all the assets and bank accounts of the Ministry of Intelligence and Security, MOIS, and its agents, as very clearly just now senator Torricelli explained.
  3. Any entity, insinuation or company that deals with the MOIS, or its agent, should be blacklisted. The E.U., and the member states, should stop any dealings and exchanges with Tehran, the Iranian regime, at the ministerial or higher levels.

Let me finish by saying that a firm policy, a firm position against this regime is in accordance with the E.U. principles in favor of human rights and its standards against terrorism. Believe me the regime that is on the verge of collapse is not beneficial for anyone. The events of August and September in Iran have been so rapid that it shows Iran is on the verge of a major development. The overthrow of this regime and the establishment of democracy and human rights in Iran is more than ever in reach.

Thank you very much.