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MEK popular support, the survival factor

‌ MEK popular support, the survival factor By Mahdavi At the time of increasing popular anti-regime uprisings and calls for regime change, as well as the international community’s determination to change the Iran mullahs’ malign

Iran’s protests in the second week of February 2019

Iran’s protests in the second week of February 2019 In answer to the regime's masquerade of Feb. 11’s march at the anniversary of the anti-monarchy revolution, celebrating that it has last one more year, the people of Iran  held more

Monday’s Iran Events – August 20, 2018

Iran Iran says no OPEC member should be able to take over its share of oil exports Iran told OPEC on Sunday that no member country should be allowed to take over another member's share of oil exports, expressing Tehran's concern about…

Monday’s Iran Eveants – June 25, 2018

protests Iran A full report on today's protests in Tehran as Iran's currency rates skyrocket. Shopkeepers at Aladdin and Charsou Bazaar shopping centers in Tehran have…

More Crises as the result of corruption in Iran

More Crises Iran’s Education System: A Comprehensive Crisis! Iran’s education system is going to be faced with an imminent crisis and shortage of workforce in coming years as the retirees are not replaced with adequate new personnel.…