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Canadian Friends of a Democratic Iran to Foreign Ministers of Canada, Sweden, Britain, and Ukraine on the Downing of the Ukrainian Plane

Canadian Friends of a Democratic Iran (CFDI)
Letter of the Canadian Friends of a Democratic Iran (CFDI)

Canadian Friends of a Democratic Iran (CFDI) wrote to the foreign ministers of Canada, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Ukraine on the downing of the Ukrainian Airliner.

CFDI in its letter, called for the referral of the Iranian regime’s case to the UN Security Council and the International Criminal Court and the terrorist listing of the IRGC.

The full text of this letter is as follows:

January 13, 2022

Hon. Mélanie Joly, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Dear Minister Joly:

Re: Two-year anniversary of downing of Flight PS752

The Canadian Friends of a Democratic Iran (CFDI), a non-partisan NGO, stands in solidarity with families of the victims of Ukrainian Flight PS752 in second anniversary of this tragic event who seek justice and truth.

The second anniversary online vigil, which you and Prime Minister attended on January 8, is a bleak reminder of what the Ontario Superior Court of Justice has rightfully determined in its January 3rd ruling that based on evidence and expert testimonies, this was an intentional and terrorist act by the Iranian regime, and the Supreme Leader Khamenei, then President Rouhani, and high ranking IRGC officials were directly responsible for this incomprehensible loss of lives and lasting agony on Canadian souls.

As many families have already expressed, both in Iran and in Canada, as well as in other countries whose citizens were the victims of this terrorist act, they want truth and justice before compensation. This was the second largest terrorist act against Canadians that needs much stronger approach.

The International Coordination and Response Group consisting of Canada, UK, Sweden and Ukraine, has rightfully concluded that negotiations with Iran to hold perpetrators accountable and to proceed with justice and compensation, was futile and the time has now come to use other mechanisms to hold Iran accountable.

While we are pleased that Prime Minister promised in this event, and in many other public speeches, that Canada would not rest until justice is achieved for the families and loved ones, we believe it is long overdue to refer this case, with the strong backing of Canadian courts and their judgments, to the Security Council and relevant international courts to hold Iran, its Supreme Leader as the commander in chief of the armed forces, and IRGC commanders accountable.

In addition to international determination, in the past few days many interviews have been publicly published by some family members in Iran who revealed that IRGC commander, Salami, told them “we killed them, so what?” and “if we had not killed them, a war would have been brought with 10 million casualties.” These allegations are further evidence that how inconceivable and absurd the expectation of truth and justice from a terrorist state is.

Meanwhile, the explosive situation of the Iranian society and its cry for freedom and human rights is indicated in daily and continuous protests of various strata of the Iranian society including teachers, farmers, retirees, workers and public servants.

There are practical steps that we are urging you to follow expeditiously to lightly comfort the never ending pain of the families and to provide them with a measure of justice that they need and they repeatedly demanded.

Let us remind ourselves that “Justice delayed is justice denied.” Domestically, Canada must immediately list the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist entity. The government should also facilitate to implement the Ontario Superior Court of Justice ruling by assisting to identify and seize the Iranian regime assets in Canada to compensate the victims.

Internationally, the four countries in the coordination and response group should not waist any moment to demand UN Security Council referral to the ICC and to publicly and categorically name and shame the perpetrators, including the Supreme Leader Khamenei, President Raisi, and IRGC commanders.

We stand ready to assist in any form for all the recommended actions should you need it.

Hon. David Kilgour, J.D., Co-Chair