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Testimony by MEK/PMOI witness Kobra Jokar, Ashraf 3, Albania

Testimony by MEK/PMOI witness Kobra Jokar, Ashraf 3, Albania

My name is Kobra Jokar, I spent 6 years in the Iranian regime’s prisons. The Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) arrested me while I was pregnant. They battered me and ignored our neighbor, an elderly man who begged them not to beat me. They took me to the Evin prison and put me in the torture chamber. I was transferred to Ward 209. In the cell, I saw four torturers torture my husband in front of me. They also tortured me in front of him; they wanted to break our spirit but they never succeeded.

A few days later, they executed him with 75 others. The torturer said, “I wanted him to never see his son.”

Kobra Jokar added : In February 1982, prison wardens took me to hospital and quickly brought me back to prison even though I was feeling very bad; my dear sisters Maryam Parviz and Nadia Kaviani, who were severely tortured, took care of me. They were later executed. Some days before that they didn’t take my cellmate Parvaneh to hospital to give birth to her baby, and she died with her unborn child.  As far as I know regime executed 50 pregnant women, including Masumeh, the sister of Mrs. Rajavi, Sima Ahamdi who was executed with her unborn child, and Zahra Bijanyar, whose child died in her womb and then they killed her..

There weren’t enough milk and food for the children. My cellmates gave me their little ration of sugar so I could feed my baby. There weren’t any doctors or medication in our cell; once my child got sick and was about to die, finally they brought a doctor from another cell. We were 750 people in a public cell with the capacity of less than 70 people. Every 10 days we had hot water for 15 minutes, and we had 50 children to bath in such a short time. Some of these children had lost one or both of their parents.

Once, prison wardens opened the door and threw a four-month-old baby into the cell. Her mother was executed, so I took care of her for a year. She was dying from starvation. The torturers even interrogated the children. They had strapped a small child to a chair in a dark room and tortured her so she revealed the names of her mother’s friends. said Kobra Jokar .

Kobra Jokar :That is how we spent years in prison. Until 1985 we were 150 people in the cell and suffered numerous attacks by the IRGC members. They finally dispersed us, some were transferred to other provinces. I was released in 1987 due to my illnesses, but so many of my cellmates were executed in the 1988 massacre, including Ashraf Ahamadi and Shahla Shahdoost, who gave birth to their children in the prison, or Monireh Rajavi who had two little daughters at the time of execution, and Shahla Koohestan who had her child with her in prison. Others were my friends Dr. Shoorangiz Karimian, Dr. Zahra Shabzendedar, Dr. Houri Beheshti-Tabar, Maryam Golzadeh Ghafouri, Zohreh Eynolyaghin, Azam Taghdare, Maryam Tavanaian-far, Qodsieh Havakeshian, Mehri Attaie and her sister Soheila, who  had lost one eye under torture, Homa Radmanesh and Afagh Daknama along with thousands of other heroines who believed in the cause of freedom and had faith and hope in our beloved leaders Massoud and Maryam Rajavi. This is the cause that has motivated us to bear tortures and to continue this struggle until victory.

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