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Algerian Author Anwar Malek Addresses Online Ramadan Conference 2021

Anwar Malek, Algerian author, on April 14, 2021, addressed a panel of international dignitaries in an online conference, observing the holy month of Ramadan and declaring interfaith solidarity in the face of fundamentalism that has spread and promoted by the mullahs’ regime in Iran.

The Iranian regime is the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. To pursue its evil goal of spreading chaos, the Iranian regime has been using a fundamentalist misinterpretation of Islam.

The international dignitaries joined the opposition president-elect, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, and condemned the Iranian regime’s fundamentalism, and supported the Iranian people’s call for freedom and democracy.

Algerian Author Anwar Malek

Mr.  Malek introduced int’l guests taking part for Ramadan live conference.
We devote our best wishes to this holy month for the Iranian Resistance and for Maryam Rajavi, so they may reach freedom through their struggle.