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Support for Iran’s Resistance Gains Momentum with Over 1,000 Prominent Women

Support for Iran’s Resistance Gains Momentum with Over 1000 Prominent Women

Iran, over the last four decades, has borne witness to a profound metamorphosis in the status of women, shaped by a complex interplay of various forces. This period has been characterized by periods of repression deeply rooted in historical traditions and entrenched superstitions.

Yet, the women of Iran, fortified by unwavering determination and intellectual acumen, valiantly confronted the deeply ingrained misogynistic regime. Their arduous journey not only elevated their roles but also made female leadership an indispensable imperative. Consequently, after four decades of relentless dedication and the sacrifices of countless Iranian women, their endeavors bore fruit during the nationwide uprising of 2022 in Iran.

This historic moment solidified a new reality: those who had endured the harshest oppression emerged as the vanguards in the struggle to dismantle a terrorist theocracy that had long held the Middle East and global security captive.

The voices of Iranian women, now emboldened by their experiences and resilience, resonate powerfully on the global stage. An undeniable testament to this is the recent appeal issued by over 1,000 distinguished female figures, including former heads of state. They implore the international community to pay heed to the ongoing Iranian uprising, which is approaching its first anniversary. This appeal underscores the growing significance of Iranian women as leaders not just within their nation but also on the world’s stage.

On September 12th, at the United Kingdom’s Parliament, in the presence of lawmakers from both chambers, MP Anna Firth announced this momentous development. She publicly declared the support of over a thousand female leaders, athletes, and influential thought leaders in solidarity with the aspirations of the Iranian people’s uprising for a free and democratic republic.

In her announcement, MP Anna Firth proclaimed, “It brings me immense pleasure to present a statement endorsed by 1,000 eminent women as we approach the eve of the people’s uprising. The fact that more than 1,000 prominent women from across five continents and 67 countries have joined their voices in a collective statement, expressing their support and highlighting the courage of Iranian women and their pivotal role in this uprising, sends a resounding message.

“We count among us 50 current and former Presidents, Vice Presidents, Prime Ministers, ministers, along with 175 parliamentarians, Nobel Prize laureates, artists, and athletes. In this historic statement, these eminent figures express their endorsement for the Ten-Point Plan outlined by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, which advocates for freedom, equality, and a democratic republic—the only program that champions absolute gender equality.

“Joined by 3,600 parliamentarians and 125 former presidents, these leaders stand united in their commitment to ensuring full gender equality. Our shared objective is resolute: to dismantle this oppressive regime and establish a democratic order, with equality for women, in the great nation of Iran.”

The statement, bearing the endorsements of over 1,000 distinguished female dignitaries, is accessible for reading on the Alliance for Public Awareness (APA) website through this link.