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Iranian Resistance (NCRI), The Main Source Of Mullahs Fear, Said Patrick Kennedy

Madam Rajavi, My fellow dignitaries, and our host, the country of Albania;

Faced whit growing popular protests across the country and unable to quell them with brutal crackdowns, the mullahs regime has stepped up its terrorist plots against the Iranian resistance (NCRI) abroad, which its senior officials blame for the unfolding uprising. The regime in Tehran knows that the synergy between the protesters in Iran and the NCRI threatens its very existence. In 2018 the regime has intensified its disinformation and propaganda campaign against the Iranian resistance in order to tarnish Iranian resistance (NCRI) ‘s image and reputation and paves the way for more terrorist plots. Major social media companies like Twitter, Google, and Facebook have all in recent months suspended and removed hundreds of fake accounts and Web sites connected to the Iranian regime disinformation operation.

There has been a surge of terrorist plots targeting the Iranian dissidents and the Iranian resistance (NCRI) here in Europe soil this year. Three separate Tehran backed terrorist attacks in France, Albania, and Denmarkwas foiled by close cooperation between the police and the security and traditional authorities of several European countries. The foil plots are reminiscent of the regimes assassination and terrorist campaign against the Iranian dissidents and expatriates in Europe during the 1980s and the 1990s.

At the time the E.U. and its member states responded firmly by expelling the regimes intelligence personnel from E.U. member states, and cutting off diplomatic relations, and suspending the dialogue with Iran. But today the response has been very, very weak and inappropriate to the emerging threat. The targeting of the organized resistance movement demonstrates the regime’s fear of the Iranian resistance (NCRI) coalition and its main constituents the PMOI/ MEK as the Democratic alternative to its rule.

It shows that the Iranian resistance (NCRI) is a real force for change and that the 10 points democratic platform presented by the Iranian resistance (NCRI) President-elect Mrs. Maryam Rajavi offers a viable roadmap for the people of Iran to establish a fair and free and democratic secular republic in Iran at this crucial juncture in history. That is why Mrs. Rajav’s democratic platform is gaining support among Iranians both at home and abroad as well as receiving international recognition by parliamentarians and dignitaries in Europe and North America as the most viable alternative for the future of Iran.