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Patrick Joseph Kennedy II is an American politician and mental health advocate

One of the most heinous human rights violations committed by the Iranian regime is the massacre, 30 years ago, in 1988, of 30.000 political prisoners. This was done as a result of a fatwa issued by then the supreme leader Khomeini, and a majority of the victims were members and supporters of PMOI and the Iranian resistance (NCRI) . Amnesty International described the massacre as an ongoing crime. In a report, just published last week, the report came out from Amnesty International, and they say categorically that we ought to investigate finally what happened in 1988 and where the bodies are buried and bring those responsible to justice, once and for all.

It’s clear that we have seen these terrorist plots foiled against a gathering of Iranian resistance (NCRI) in Paris, we’ve seen it again here in Tirana, and yet the Iranian embassy here in Albania has doubled in size. The Albanian government ought to kick out every single Iranian diplomat in this country for what they were part of in bringing terrorism to this soil.

They brought terrorism into Albania and they should not be permitted to allow to continue here or anywhere in Europe when you consider that they try to bomb officials, elected officials from all over Europe, not only in Paris, all over Europe, these events happen. And they have been in the United States as well.

 So that is why I want to echo Madam Rajavi in saying that IRGC ought to be put on the terrorist watch list.

Let me conclude by saying that I visited many of you today here, and what is amazing that you built in a year and it said to me something very hopeful. It said that if you could rebuild Ashraf in Camp Liberty, and you could build Ashraf here, in Albania, then it won’t be long before you’re going to build Ashraf in Tehran.