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The fourth round of truck drivers’ strike in 55 Iranian cities

On November 1, 2018, the truck drivers’ strike started nationwide for the fourth round and has continued until now.

The first round of the truck drivers’ strike started in last June and has continued in several rounds so far.

Increase in the amount of pensions and extra payment for hard works, reduction in the price of tires and spare parts, increasing fares, deducting the drivers’ insurance payments, taking measures against corrupt traffic police officers, and eliminating dealers and brokers from the load terminals are parts of the demands of the strikers.

Truck drivers are also protesting against the cut in insurance subsidies, the high commission share of the carrier companies, the costly road tolls and inconvenient waiting lists.

In the new round of the truck drivers’ strike, in addition to the guild demands, the strikers are calling for the release of their detained colleagues.

A few months ago, following the truck drivers’ strike, the Iranian parliament formed a special commission to look into their demands, but according to the drivers, no official promises have yet been met.

Truck drivers protesting in different cities of Iran

A few days ago, truck drivers called for a nationwide strike in various cities via social networks.

The previous round of the truck drivers’ strike ended in October 14, 2018, after Iran Road Maintenance and Transportation Organization (RMTO) agreed to calculate freight rates based on weight and distance. The strike had begun on September 23.

At the end of the previous round of the truck drivers’ strike, they announced that they would go on strike again if the promises made was not met.

During the previous round of truck driver’s strike in October, some 270 driver protesters were arrested in various cities. The Mullah regime’s judiciary officials threatened the detainees with receiving “The capital punishment”. The Attorney General of the regime described the charge of the detained drivers as “road bandits”.

The Qazvin city prosecutor also had said that the 17 arrested drivers in the city could face the death penalty.

The current round of strike has spread to 75 cities in 31 different provinces across the country so far and people from all walks of life are expressing their support for it.

Iranian opposition President, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi has called on all of the country’s youths, international organizations and drivers/workers unions to provide substantial and spiritual support to the truck drivers’ strike.


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