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Iran uprising

A week of protests and demonstrations

Protests and demonstrations by various strata of the Iranian society continued during the past week. The government deeply apprehensive of the repetition of popular uprisings took steps to quell the protests as they form, or to subside

Mullah regime, horrified by Truck drivers’ strike

Mullah regime, horrified by Truck drivers’ strike The powerful strike of truck drivers, which has endured steadfastly in more than 300 cities in 31 provinces in Iran for its third week, has shaken the foundation of the mullahs’ regime,…

Wednesday’s Iran Events – August 22, 2018

Iran Iran's Interior Minister Downplays Recent Protests Islamic Republic’s Minister of Interior says most of the recent protests across Iran have been triggered by resentment over jobs and livelihood related issues. “Only 3,800…

Sunday’s Iran Events – August 19, 2018

Iran Events Iran: 450,000 Automotive Industry Workers on the Verge of Unemployment The ongoing conflicts between the regime affiliated automobile makers and component manufacturers, is putting the employment of thousands of workers in…