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Human Rights

Following the disclosure of a plan to desecrate the graves of MEK martyrs massacred by the Iranian regime in Ahwaz and Mashhad, the clerical regime also resorted to the same crime in the city of Tabriz, northwestern Iran.
According to MEK supporters, on June 22, 2017, the clerical regime in Wadi Rahmat in Tabriz, where the martyrs of the unknown MEK slain massacred in 1988 are buried, the regime began to raze and demolish the graves of the martyrs using construction machinery.

NCRI - On the verge of the Iranian opposition’s major convention in Paris, the majority of the Italian Parliament issued a statement calling for the prosecution and punishment of the perpetrators of the 1988 massacre of political prisoners. This massacre, carried out under orders issued by former Iranian regime leader Ruhollah Khomeini, is considered as a crime against humanity.

NCRI - Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei on Wednesday lashed out at President Hassan Rouhani for accepting the terms of the UNESCO 2030 Agenda agreement.

“The fact that some people say this agreement is not binding is naïve. All aspects of this agreement are binding and if due action is not taken they will take action against us,” he said.

NCRI - Iran’s Moral Police chief said his agents are now authorized to enter private beaches on Iran’s coasts.

“Private beaches that host public guests will no longer be considered private areas and police officers will enter these areas. There will be no legal restrictions, similar to other areas,” said Gholam-Heidar Heidari.

NCRI - Children with autism are harmed and annoyed at its center in Mashhad, a news outbreak that hurt public opinion.

After disclosure of the torture of children patients suffering autism in Northeastern city of Mashhad, the deputy director of the rehabilitation department of the Iranian welfare organization, blamed the ministry of health, while the adviser to the health minister also stated:

NCRI - A prisoner died in Sanandaj Prison due to lack of medical treatment On Monday, June 19, however, the forensics had earlier confirmed his inability to imprisonment.

According to the reports, the political prisoner, Fardin Faramarzi has visited the health center two times following a severe pain in the heart area and he has returned to the ward without being examined.

NCRI - A 37 years old prisoner died due to lack of medical attention and transport to the hospital in central prison of Sotheastern city of Zahedan on Saturday, June 17 around 13:00hour. 

According to obtained reports, Naqib Altaz Qanbarzehi had been arrested at age of 17, and was in jail for 20 years. He was suffering from a heart condition. After 20 years of imprisonment in Evin prison, he was transferred to Zahedan central prison, about a week ago.

NCRI - The consequences of remarks made by Iranian regime leader Ali Khamenei, encouraging Basijis and soft-war officers to independently make decisions and swing into action at their own will, are emerging as more repression and  heavier atmosphere of fear.

In one instance, the so-called ‘Hezbollah Coordination Council’ consisting of Basijis and plaintiff vigilantes has announced that allowing women into stadiums is against the Islamic law.

NCRI - The Human Rights Council of the United Nations received a written statement from the Nonviolent Radical Party, Transnational and Transparty, the Women's Human Rights International Association and the France Libertes : Fondation Danielle Mitterrand, the International Educational Development, Inc. and the Mouvement contre le racisme et pour l'amitié entre les peuples regarding the 1988 mass execution of political prisoners carried out by Iranian authorities.


- The number of injuries of protesting workers’ families have risen to 13 persons at a gold mine in North West Iran.
They were beaten up by Iranian regime's security forces. According to obtained reports, some of them have sought medical treatments in nearby cities, and some have privately gotten treatments in their homes due to fear of arrest by the security forces.