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Re-imposing sanctions against Iran’s regime is an undeniable necessity

For decades, the western policymakers pursued to keep a tight rein on the destructive behavior of the Iranian regime through appeasement policy. In this regard, they inked an accord called JCPOA, which was supposed to be a comprehensive accord; in accordance with its name, to persuade the regime to put an end to employing its malign activities in the region and across the world. But instead, we witness how the regime hoodwinked its international counterparts. Likewise, the mullahs not only continue their malign activities but also increase and intensify them. In such circumstances, we need to the turnabout in the past failed policies and adopt a firm policy such as re-imposing sanctions, as well as supporting what the Iranian people ask for. This would be a responsible policy for global peace and security.

What is the reason for re-imposing sanctions?

By JCPOA, the United States and the European Union hoped to encourage the regime to change its behavior and cooperate with the international community.

But “there is no difference between regime change and changing behavior” as Khamenei admitted on May 10, 2018. The regime also has not stopped sponsoring terrorism, testing and launching ballistic missiles, and even threatening the world to resume its nuclear projects.

It is notable that the regime has only spent the unfrozen money; related to the lifted sanctions, for its malicious intentions and improving its suppressive apparatus to crackdown the Iranians’ struggle for freedom and justice.

Therefore, re-imposing sanctions not only is not against the benefit of the Iranian people but also will help them to achieve their bliss and prosperity, which they have been deprived of for so long.

Will re-imposing sanctions restrain the regime?

Of course, re-imposing sanctions are never able to keep a tight rein on the regime’s malign activities, because exporting terrorism and warmongering is its nature. So, since the regime cannot change its behavior, it should be changed in its entirety. This is what the Iranian people ask for, as at recent months there has not been a day without uprising and strike across the country.

It is significantly important that no one expects the West to change the Iranian, this is upon the Iranian people and their resistance.

As Mr. Torricelli, mentioned it on Oct.4, 2018, in a conference in Brussels, The people of Iran demand the west to recognize their wish for freedom and justice; the values that the west is too proud of. And they hope that the west would adopt a strong policy to stand with the people of Iran and not to let their assets be spent for warmongering, terrorism, bomb-making and of course for suppression.

This policy should include re-imposing sanctions at the first stage. Re-imposing sanctions should target the regime’s ability for suppression, which is summarized in IRGC. Re-imposing sanctions should debilitate regime’s apparatus of suppression, to help the Iranian people and their organized resistance led by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi to restrain the threats of this nefarious regime, and that is only possible by putting an end to it.


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