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MEK: State-Sponsored Terrorism Is Ugly Must Be Prevented, Lord Carlie


Lord Carlie: Member of British House of Lords

State-sponsored terrorism is ugly must be prevented, is unlawful, against international law, bring shame and disgrace on those who perpetrate it, and in the end, hopefully, rips the reward they deserve.

But of course, the development of state-sponsored terrorism and its crease is also something of a complement to those of us who have been fighting terrorism for many years. Because it shows a sense of weakness and defensiveness in the government that causes than terrorism.

And my view, and I think it will be shared by everyone on this panel today and everyone, or almost everyone in this room, is that civilized States and international organizations have a duty to use all legitimate and proportionate means in order to fight state-sponsored terrorism or any other form of terrorism.

I have attended the Great Gathering in Paris, though I was not there, unfortunately, this year, because I was not able to be, I want to applaud what the NCRI, so well that by Madam Rajavi has done, particularly in the last twelve months. The level of unrest and the sense that people within Iran have, that they can and should be demonstrating their opposition to the regime, and its outrages have been much better organized in the last year, much more evident on the international stage, and very much thanks to the work of the NCRI in Europe and in the United States of America. I’d also like to applaud what has been done in Albania, where a large number of former residents of Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty are living. I don’t know how many of you have visited them, but I have visited them twice. I think one should pay tribute to the Albanian government for what they have done in helping that cohort of displaced people. But the greatest tribute goes to those people themselves many of whom have suffered a great deal personally or through their families. They too, as has already been said, have been subject to attempted terrorism state sponsored by the regime in Iran.