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MOIS must be designated as a terrorist organization by the US and EU

MOIS must be designated as an FTO by the US and EU

How can we be safe against FTOs’ threats in Europe?

Is it not the time for the west to face the reality that this state-sponsor of terrorism has passed their doorsteps?

Moreover, for how long do the western governments want to close their eyes on MOIS’s role in terror attacks? And the main question is, when will the US and EU believe that the Ministry of Intelligence and Security of Iran’s regime (MOIS) is absolutely an FTO?

Some weeks ago, the Europeans became aware of the shocking terrorist plot masterminded by the MOIS agent against the gathering held by the Iranian opposition in Paris, which was attended by more than 100,000 Iranian dissidents and hundreds of the prominent figures from five continents to support Mrs. Maryam Rajavi for a Free Iran.

Message to the conference “Iran’s New Wave of Terrorism”- Brussels October 4, 2018

In this regard, a Belgian special unit stopped a couple in Brussels in possession of 500 grams of the TATP powerful explosive and a detonator.

MOIS agents, under cover of “Diplomats”, plot terror attacks

Following the arrest of the terrorist couple, German police arrested a senior diplomat of Iran’s regime who had masterminded the terror attack and had personally delivered the TATP to the terrorists in Strasburg.

After arresting this so-called diplomat, Assadollah Assadi, the European police announced, “Since 2014, Assadi has been accredited as working for the MOIS to monitor the opposition groups while being at Iran’s embassy in Vienna”.

In fact, the European police revealed the regime’s deception as to covering up its MOIS agents as diplomats to pursue its terror operations in Europe.

According to the evidence, the MOIS operations include espionage and striking blows to the opposition.

What is the solution?

Thanks to the professionalism of Belgian and German law enforcement, thousands of people are still alive and not hurt. However, we are wrong if we assume that the security forces make no mistake forever.

Therefore, how can we ensure to be protected against MOIS operations? How can we provide a safer and more stable place for innocent people?

In fact, we have been witnessing several espionage operations and terror attacks by MOIS agents so far in the European and American soil, and more can take place in the future.

European governments and the United States should not allow the MOIS agents to travel and transport freely explosive devices to use in a terror plot for killing innocent people.

The world is obviously under threats of this state-sponsor of terrorism.

Western Foreign Ministries and of course, the US State Department are obligated to curb mullahs’ conspiracies. The latest event proves both in words and in practice that silence and appeasement just encourage the regime to continue its terror activities. Contrary to the claims of the regime’s lobbies, a firm policy will help us to live in a safer world, which the Iranian opposition has always called for. The best reaction to the State-Sponsor of terrorism would be to designate MOIS as a foreign terrorist organization.

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